Caregiving can bring anxiety and worry regarding the safety of your loved one. Each of our customized technology products helps create a safety net of technology for the individual who is living alone or with limited support. Whether nearby or far away, caregivers can have peace of mind that, should a need arise, they will receive an immediate alert to check on their loved one.

Who can benefit?

  • Caregivers who don’t live near their loved ones

  • Caregivers who are looking for an alternative to a nursing home or LTC facility

  • Caregivers who are balancing multiple responsibilities, such as work and family

  • Caregivers and staff who need to redirect their attention to people who need assistance, based on real-time alerts

What results can we expect?

  • Opportunities for families to connect with their loved ones and address safety concerns in the midst of changing roles

  • Opportunities for family members and caregivers to take care of their other responsibilities without neglecting the actual needs of their loved ones

  • Opportunities for multiple caregivers to receive alerts about their loved ones, sharing the responsibilities of caregiving

What technology can help?

  • A SimplyHome System, including components such as:

    • Secure web portal and real-time alerts for caregivers to be aware of their loved one's needs for support, even from a distance

    • Motion sensors that can alert caregivers of inactivity or falls

    • Door/window sensors that can alert caregivers of wandering or elopement

    • Stove and kitchen area sensors to address caregiver concerns about cooking safety, eating, and meal preparation

    • Customized verbal prompts to remind the individual to complete the activities of daily living (taking medication, bathing, hygiene routines, locking the doors when home for the day)

  • Medication dispenser (for medication adherence)

  • Personal Emergency Response System (to obtain assistance from a caregiver, family member, or emergency services)

  • Telehealth wellness tools that enable the individual and the caregiving team to monitor chronic conditions such as diabetes, CHF, hypertension, etc.

What types of alerts can be sent?

Here are some sample situations in which staff, family members, and/or the individuals themselves can receive alerts:

  • When an individual falls or there is inactivity in the home

  • When an activity such as taking medication or completing a hygiene routine is not completed properly, or when an individual needs assistance with those activities

  • When an individual exhibits a behavior pattern of concern, such as incontinence, wandering at night, or inappropriate access to food

  • When an individual’s blood pressure, blood oxygen level, or blood sugar levels exceed the set parameters of what is normal for that individual

Donna’s Story

Donna’s mother was fiercely independent and did not want to end up in a nursing home or assisted living facility. While Donna knew her mother wanted to live at home, she was also concerned about her mother’s history of falls and blood clots. Her mother had a personal panic button, but Donna knew this would not be enough to address her concerns. Donna chose a SimplyHome system that used discreet sensors and specific rules to generate notifications to family members via text, email, or phone call.

Donna smiles for the camera

Donna received alerts if her mother left her bed at night and did not return, or if she stayed more than 2 hours in her chair, because of the risk of blood clots. Donna says that technology enabled her mother to age gracefully in her own home: “Without this system, it would have been impossible for my mother to have lived out her life in her home. It was a true comfort and blessing.”