When individuals with disabilities or senior adults choose to live independently, they may have concerns about getting assistance, whether it means contacting a family member, touching base with caregiving staff, or accessing emergency services.

Our SimplyHome systems help alleviate concerns about falls, wandering, and other situations where an individual may need immediate assistance.

Who do we consider?

  • Individuals who are living independently or in a supported setting, who need to be able to easily access staff support or emergency services
  • Individuals who may be at risk for falling or wandering
  • Individuals who have chronic health concerns and may need medical assistance
  • Individuals who desire to live independently and do not need 24/7 support, but want a safety net in case they need assistance

What will we achieve?

  • Proactive caregiver responses to requests for assistance from individuals living independently
  • Appropriate and timely assistance, referring support requests to family members, staff, or other caregivers when emergency services are not needed
  • Reducing unnecessary emergency services visits and hospitalizations
  • Enabling individuals who do not need 24/7 care the ability to live in a more independent setting, with the safety net of technology

What technology do we use?

  • Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) (a wearable pendant/wrist alert and base unit for obtaining assistance from a caregiver or emergency services)
  • Customized paging and panic pendants, either wearable or installed throughout the home, that are paired with the SimplyHome System.

What rules can alert staff, family members, or the individuals themselves?

  • When a panic or paging pendant is pressed, an alert (text, email, call, etc.) is sent to the customized responder list
  • Alerts can also be generated when the panic/paging pendant is pressed within specific time frames, or on selected days of the week, or when it is not pressed within certain time frames.

Johnny’s Story

A 92-year-old Navy WWII vet, grandfather of five, and great-grandfather of eight, Johnny has a strong drive to serve his community and stay connected with his family. After playing tennis or walking a few miles each morning, he volunteers weekly at a local charity. When he is in range of his home, he utilizes a SimplyHome Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) to call for help if he needs it.

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