SimplyHome for Providers

Technology for Person-Centered Organizations

When care agencies utilize our smart sensor technology, they are able to maximize the independence and self-determination of the individuals they serve. SimplyHome systems are designed for effective support in settings such as apartments, group homes, assisted living, and stand-alone home settings.

Our technology solutions focus not only on each person’s need for services, but also on empowering that person’s priorities, preferences, and goals. The person-centered system designs can be re-assessed and re-customized as the individual’s goals and needs evolve over time.

Reduce Costs and Streamline Staffing Without Sacrificing Care

Our cost-effective solutions help providers to keep up with growing demand and ever-changing resources, and to plan for a sustainable future. We provide cost-effective alternatives to the 24/7 “just in case” staffing model. These solutions focus on proactive caregiving, shifting away from “doing for” individuals and moving towards supporting individuals so they can create and achieve their own dreams.

Embrace Flexibility: Technology That Adapts to Changing Needs

By generating real-time data about health and behavioral trends, SimplyHome systems allow providers to gain insight that will help predict the next steps of care for their clients and business operations over time.

By implementing our remote support systems, providers have:

  • Increased their client-to-caregiver ratio without sacrificing care

  • Improved communication with staff and family members

  • Transitioned clients into community-based care, without additional funding

Our Process

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Successful integration of technology begins with planning and preparation. We want to make the process easy for you to get started. Here are our suggestions for steps you can take prior to integrating technology:

  • Create a technology team and select a primary contact

  • Connect with local agencies and your funding source(s) to let them know you are enhancing your service model

  • Visit other providers and programs that are already integrating technology as a natural support

  • Research your state's Medicaid waivers to determine if and how enabling/assistive technology is covered

  • Determine if your organization would benefit from additional education, consultation, and/or coaching related to implementing technology

  • Complete the SimplyHome Organizational Assessment Form

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Whether you want to learn more about our technology or are interested in enhancing your business model, working with SimplyHome begins with a conversation. We want to listen to you.

As a part of this conversation, we'll create a summary report that offers suggestions based on your organizational self-assessment. We find this helps providers target the areas they want to enhance as they integrate technology into their service model.

We keep the lines of communication open to answer any questions you might have and help you navigate the funding options in your state. And when you're ready, we move into discussing products and services that can become a part of your organization's natural support system.

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Just like you, we want this process to be person-centered. Utilizing your program assessment and our technology intake process, we explore each individual's priorities, concerns, and preferences for how they want to live.

We then design a customized system for your review. Once you've confirmed the design and signed the quote, we begin programming and preparing for installation.

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Integrating technology involves more than installing equipment. It can also include:

  • Updating policies and procedures

  • Educating staff, individuals, and families

  • Collaborating with community partners

  • Navigating funding streams

For providers, we not only offer customized technology products, but also provide customized services like online education and onsite consultation.

Our goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible for you and the individuals you serve. Through excellent customer service and individualized tech support, we are available 24/7, if needed.

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Technology evolves, people's needs evolve, and services evolve. As a result, ongoing assessment becomes a critical part of the process. The data from our technology can assist you in evaluating an individual's level of independence, updating Individualized Service Plans, and enhancing direct support services. For our part, we will be here to update current technology systems and prepare you for what's next on the horizon.

Let's get started.

Ready to start the process? Connect with our team to find the solution that's right for you.

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