Personal Emergency Response System

Cellular PERS unit with personal help button.

Embrace independence and peace of mind

With the press of a button, the Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) notifies the 24/7 Response Center that you need assistance. Get help by pressing the button on the pendant (available to wear on the wrist or as a necklace), or the "Help" button on the base unit. The PERS is available as a cellular or landline unit.

Once notified, the PERS unit's two-way speaker allows for communication between the Response Center and the client. If the client needs help, the 24/7 Response Center will contact the designated responders: caregivers, family, or staff. Each responder list is customized so you receive the right amount of help, whether you need a simple check-in with a family member or support from emergency services.

Key Features:

  • Cellular (4G LTE) and landline models available

  • Fall-detecting pendant available

  • Excellent two-way speaker quality

  • Water-resistant (can be worn in the shower)

  • 72-hour backup battery

  • Access to 24/7 Response Center


Purchase: $124.95 – $354.90 (Landline, cellular, and fall-detecting versions)

Monthly service: $27.95-$45.95/mo. (Landline, cellular, and fall-detecting versions)

If you have questions about purchase or rental of our PERS units, please let us know.


What’s in the box?

Cellular Unit:

  • Base unit
  • A/C power cord
  • Personal help pendant (lanyard or wrist style)
  • Installation instructions

Landline Unit:

  • Base unit
  • A/C power cord
  • Phone cord
  • Personal help pendant (lanyard or wrist style)
  • Installation instructions

Fall-Detecting Unit:

  • Personal help pendant that is “fall-detecting” (lanyard style only)
  • A/C power cord
  • Base unit
  • If a landline unit, a phone cord will be included
  • Installation instructions


Product cost covered for up to 1 year after purchase.


Cellular unit:

  • AT&T LTE cellular coverage at the location
  • Connection to power (has a back up battery for emergencies)

Landline Unit:

  • A working phone line
  • Connection to power (has a backup battery for emergencies)

General FAQ

Who responds to my emergency signals?

The Response Center is staffed 24/7 to receive calls. They alert anyone you have listed on your call list. Emergency services will be contacted if the 24/7 Response Center cannot reach any of your contacts or if emergency services are requested immediately.

Do I have to have a cellular connection to use a PERS unit?

No, you can either use a working telephone landline or strong AT&T (4G LTE) cellular service in the area, depending on which one you have and prefer. We do not sell cellular units to clients in areas where cellular signal is weak. You do not need a cell phone to have a cellular version.

Will my landline unit affect my telephone?

Your landline unit will not affect your telephone except when you are pressing the help button to generate an alarm signal. The landline unit will disconnect any call in progress and take control of the phone line when it is processing an emergency alarm, but will release the phone line for regular calls after your landline unit is disconnected from the 24/7 Response Center.

What happens to my PERS unit if I go away for a period of time or move?

Your unit is designed for flexible use. It may be taken with you on extended visits or to a new residence. Please contact SimplyHome prior to moving or reinstalling your landline or cellular unit, so we can update responders and make sure the unit is properly reinstalled.

How do I wear my personal help pendant?

Wearable PERS pendants are available as a lanyard (necklace) or a wrist (bracelet) version. For clients who want to mount the PERS button to a wall or place it on a table or nightstand, a large PERS button is also available for use with the base unit. The fall-detecting PERS pendant is available as a lanyard (necklace) version only.

Should I wear my pendant to bed at night?

We recommend placing the pendant beside your bed where it is accessible, where you will not roll over on it and accidentally activate the system.

Will my personal help pendant work when I leave my house?

Your pendant will only work in and around the place where the base unit is installed. The base unit can receive signals from the personal help pendant from a distance of up to 600 feet.

Is my personal help pendant waterproof?

Yes. Your pendant is waterproof, and should be worn in the bathtub or shower — both areas where individuals have a high number of slips and falls.

How many pendants can I get with one unit?

Each unit comes with one pendant but up to four pendants can be programmed within each PERS unit. Wall buttons are also available, and can be placed on horizontal or vertical surfaces in high-risk areas. We highly recommend speaking with a SimplyHome Customer Service Representative about the best option for each individual person.

How does it know when it is me or someone else who presses the Personal Help Pendant?

We’ve registered your Personal Help Pendant to your unit, so that when you press your pendant, the Response Center will know it is your unit calling in for help.

Is the PERS unit compatible with VoIP?

Magic Jack and Vonage are the most compatible. We have also had success with some Charter phones. However, we cannot guarantee that PERS units will be compatible with all VoIP phone service. If you have a VoIP phone and have questions about compatibility with a PERS unit, please contact Customer Service at 877.684.3581

Do you have any solutions for clients who may not be able to press down hard on the PERS button?

Yes, we offer a more sensitive PERS button, which only takes half as much pressure to push and activate. The pricing is the same. Please let us know you are interested in the more sensitive button when ordering.

Does SimplyHome offer a GPS watch?

No, SimplyHome does not offer any GPS watches or GPS PERS models at this time.

Cellular PERS Unit FAQ

Is my cellular unit compatible with all cellular networks?

The cellular unit is only designed to operate with the AT&T Cellular Networks. It is not designed to work with any other cell network or with any landline telephone service. Please contact SimplyHome if your cellular unit does not find an AT&T cell signal or reports that the signal is weak. Customer Service can be reached at 877.684.3581.

What happens to my service if I move or go away for a period of time?

Your cellular unit is a wireless device that can be easily moved and used in any location in which AT&T cell service is available. However, it does NOT have GPS capabilities and CANNOT determine a user’s location via signal transmission. Your 24/7 Response Center’s personnel rely on the accuracy of the information you provide to them and will direct Emergency Responders to the address they have on file. Therefore, you must notify your service provider promptly whenever you relocate your cellular unit. Before choosing the cellular unit for your medical alarm needs, it is extremely important that you initiate tests of the cellular unit with the base unit in the locations where you plan to use it, in order to determine that solid, repeatable cell service is present at all times.

Will my cellular unit affect my personal cell phone?

Your cellular unit uses its own dedicated cell phone account and telephone number, and will not interfere with any aspect of your own personal cell phone. You cannot plug any telephone handset or other cell phone into your cellular unit.

What if I am outside and you can’t hear me?

A 24/7 Response Center specialist will attempt to contact you over the cellular unit. If you do not respond, the attendant will then follow your 24/7 Response Center’s procedures, such as calling your home telephone, your cell phone, listed contacts in the order you have provided, or calling your local emergency services.

Fall-Detecting Pendant FAQ

What is the difference between a fall-detecting pendant and a PERS pendant?

The fall-detecting pendant can automatically call the 24/7 Response Center without the individual pressing their personal help pendant. It is only available as a lanyard (no wrist strap). Please note: the fall-detecting pendant does not detect falls with perfect accuracy or precision. If you need help, you must always push the help button on your wearable device or base unit.

Can I speak into my fall-detection pendant?

No. You can speak into the base unit via the speaker on the unit. The fall detection pendant can only be pressed for help or activated if a fall is detected.

Do I need a separate pendant for fall detection?

Yes. You will need a fall-detecting pendant. The standard personal help pendants do not detect falls.

What if I accidentally activate my fall-detection pendant?

You can cancel the call to the 24/7 Response Center by pressing the black reset button located on the back of the base unit.

How often does the pendant need to be replaced?

The pendant will notify you when the battery is low and the pendant needs to be replaced. Typically, this is once per year, but depends on how frequently the pendant is used.