Medication Dispenser

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Promoting independence through medication compliance

The automated medication dispenser from SimplyHome alerts the individual to take the appropriate medication up to 4 times per day, with optional caregiver alerts if doses are delayed or missed. These alerts can be sent to the individual whose medication it is, to support their independence, as well as to family members or caregivers.

When it is time to take the medication, a buzzer will sound and a light will flash on the front of the device. When the medicine tray rotates to reveal the allotted dose, simply raise the door, remove the medication, then lower the door.

Notifications about missed medications can take the form of texts, emails, or automated phone calls. Remote caregivers can gain insight into medication compliance patterns by logging into the secure web portal.

Studies show that using a medication dispenser drastically reduces re-hospitalizations, particularly for adults over age 65, because it helps to eliminate incorrect dosages and missed medication times.

Key Features

  • Cellular and landline models available

  • Visual and/or auditory alerts

  • Large LED displays the time

  • Easy to transport

  • 48-hour rechargeable backup battery

  • Automated text, email, and phone alerts available

  • Lockable unit to prevent incorrect dosages


$189.95 – $259.95*

*Price does not include monthly service fee, $22.95–$29.95/mo.


What’s in the box?

  • Medication dispenser with tray and lid
  • Battery pack
  • A/C power cord
  • 2 Keys
  • Phone cord (if a non-cellular unit)
  • Installation instructions


Product cost covered for up to 1 year after purchase.


Cellular Unit:

  • Sufficient cellular service via T-Mobile or AT&T (SimplyHome will verify)
  • Connection to power (unit has backup battery)

Non-cellular unit that is receiving alerts:

  • Working telephone landline
  • Connection to power (unit has backup battery)

General FAQ

How many times per day can medication be dispensed?

Medication can be dispensed up to 4 times per day.

What is the total number of doses a medication dispenser can hold?

28 doses. Medication can be dispensed up to 4 times per day.

What kinds of medication dispensers does SimplyHome offer?

We offer three types of medication dispensers. The type of medication dispenser you order depends on if you have a working telephone land line in your house, or prefer using a cellular connection. It also depends on if you would like to receive notifications. Notifications occur when a dose is missed, if there is a tray jam, and/or power failure.

Which type of alerts can be sent if a dosed is missed?

Depending on which type of medication dispenser is purchased, automated email alerts, text messages and/or phone call alerts may be made to a customized list of recipients.

Do all three types of medication dispensers generate email, text message and phone call alerts?

No, our "local announcements only" version does not generate alerts (just the alarm and flashing light). For more details on the the type of medication dispensers offered, please email or call 1.877.684.3581.

Can I use the medication dispenser if a single dosage is too large for the slots?

Yes. Each medication compartment can hold the equivalent of 9 regular sized M&Ms. You will want to utilize 2 slots to split larger doses so the unit does not get jammed. The second slot can be programmed to dispense at least 5 minutes after the first dose.

Does the medication dispenser include a pill tray?

Yes. You may also purchase additional pill trays with lids.

How difficult is it to set the alarm times for dispensing medication?

It’s very easy to set the alarm times - We provide instructions with the shipment and also have SimplyHome staff to assist with any questions.

How do you get the pills out?

To access the medication at the specified alarm time, you just slid up the door on the medication dispenser’s lid. You can set up to 4 pill dispense alarms per day. At each specified alarm, the pill machine rotates the pill tray allowing access to the slot holding the next dose. The machine requires the use of the key to access the schedule settings as well as the pill tray.

Can you adjust the volume of the alarm sound, or make it silent and still have the dispenser work?

The buzzer can be turned off, however the volume cannot be made louder or softer.

Does the unit always need to be plugged in with the AC power supply?

You should use the AC wall power supply whenever you can. The backup batteries should only be used during short-term traveling less than 48 hours. When under battery power, your clock will not display the time.

What do I do if we are going out of town?

The device can be unplugged and carried with battery backup in place. Unplug the medication dispenser and reconnect it in the new location. Then call a SimplyHome Customer Service Representative to reactivate the dispenser at 1.877.684.3581.

Who loads medication into the dispenser?

Typically, individuals receive assistance from care staff or family. Additional trays can be purchased so that the pharmacy can fill the trays ahead of time.

Does the cellular medication dispenser require cellular service?

Yes, you must have sufficient cellular service available in your area with either T-Mobile or AT&T. A SimplyHome Customer Service Representative can confirm your coverage. You do not need to have a cell phone to use the cellular medication dispenser.

Is there a monthly fee associated with the cellular medication dispenser?

Yes, there is a cost for the unit and a monthly recurring fee, depending on the level of service requested.