SimplyHome for Individuals and Families

SimplyHome's customized technology is a natural support that enables greater possibilities of independence, dignity of risk, and self-determination. We often work with people with disabilities, seniors, veterans, caregivers, and families who are prioritizing their own and their loved ones' independence through technology.

As we implement smart sensor technology, we focus on prioritizing each person’s goals and preferences, facilitating activities of daily living, and enabling people to take risks with appropriate safety nets.

Our Process

Step 1 graphic for how SimplyHome's process works

Person-Centered Assessment

Meet David. He is an accomplished young man with Down syndrome who has a vision for his life, as well as concerns about adhering to a daily schedule on his own. His state’s Medicaid waiver included funding for assistive technology that would enable his independence. Learn more about our assessment process.

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Designing a Custom System

We recommended a system for David that included custom verbal prompts to help with his daily routines, a medication dispenser, and sensors to help him with cooking and residential safety.

The system design includes parameters that trigger real-time notifications to staff or family members; for example, David’s mother gets a call if he forgets to get up for work or to turn off the stove. Learn more about the concerns we can address.

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Activating Your Custom System

SimplyHome’s team worked onsite to install the technology and ensure the system was ready to support the outcomes chosen by David. The team also helped familiarize David, his family members, and staff with the secure web portal and the system's real-time alerts. Learn more about the SimplyHome System.

  Medready 1700  Medication Dispenser

Living Independently

David uses SimplyHome technology to:

  • Cook his own meals and receive verbal cues to turn off the stove if he leaves it on

  • Remember to close and lock the doors when leaving or returning home

  • Complete morning and night routines of self-care and meal preparation

  • Take his medication on time

  • Access help quickly if needed

Since David’s system was installed, he has successfully completed internships related to emergency medical care and athletic injuries, obtained a job with Graham County EMS, and he frequently volunteers in his community.


Real-Time Alerts & Insights

David’s SimplyHome system provides verbal prompts to help him complete his daily routine. When David does not respond to a verbal prompt, his mother receives a real-time alert.

Authorized caregivers can log into the SimplyHome secure web portal and see the data logged by the installed sensors.

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Ongoing Customer Support

SimplyHome is available for 24/7 customer support and provides ongoing training, troubleshooting, and other resources to individuals and their care teams.

As David’s priorities and goals change over time, the SimplyHome team can reassess and adapt the technology to meet new outcomes.

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