Our Atmosphere

Our office culture is part of what makes the magic happen at SimplyHome, as it is characterized by warm camaraderie and a sense that patience and passion go hand in hand. We believe our most significant work can be done without creating undue stress, tension, and hurry.

SimplyHome Staff Playing Ping-Pong
When a person has passion in their personal and professional lives, it creates vision and purpose to make the magic happen in every part of their day.
— Allen Ray, SimplyHome CEO

Upon arriving at the SimplyHome office, you might be struck by the sunny, homelike atmosphere, or the friendly canine companions that accompany many of our employees to work. Our laidback environment lends itself to impromptu putt-putt games, time spent throwing tennis balls for the dogs, and frequent celebrations of birthdays, charity events, and other festivities. Employees are encouraged to pursue volunteer opportunities and have flexible time to do so without having to take time off work.

Our Beliefs

We value listening to each individual’s priorities, concerns, preferences, and goals, rather than making assumptions about what that individual wants or needs. We celebrate when we see people living the lives they have chosen, growing in their independence, choice, and connection to their community.

We focus on technology, not as the newest shiny object, but as a tool to accomplish outcomes that truly fit the goals of the individual. Technology should never be used to address poor staffing ratios, incompetence, or insufficient oversight of staff. Technology is not meant to replace the human connection and interactions that are vital to all of us.

Just because something has always been done a certain way, doesn’t mean that is the way we have to do it today. We believe in people having options. For some people, a group home is a great fit. For others, it could be a long-term care facility. But for most people, they simply want to be at home.

People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.
— Simon Sinek

Our Why

We believe knowing our WHY is crucial to achieving our goals. Knowing our why creates the spark that motivates us to innovate and inspire. Before our team decides how we are going to achieve something, we focus on why it is important.

Whether you walk through our doors to come to work each day, or to learn more about what we do, you’d better be prepared to answer the question, “What is your Why?”

When our CEO, Allen Ray, explains why he comes to work each day, he says: “For people to be in charge of their own lives when others thought they couldn’t be – what a powerful story!”

Our Commitment

At SimplyHome, we seek to develop proactive technology and education solutions to meet the constant change of business and social climates. Our goal is to empower independence for the aging and disabled populations.

We are committed to helping our clients and employees pursue their passions in their professional and personal lives, believing that genuine passion leads to outcomes of excellence. We all benefit from being surrounded by people who connect community involvement and personal values with a focused passion to help others. SimplyHome is committed to feeding each person’s desire to make a difference through supporting their passion.

We want the outcome to be something our employees go home and feel good about. We encourage them to leave each day feeling like they made a difference.
— Allen Ray, CEO

Because SimplyHome employees are encouraged to prioritize their families and their passions, you will find us spending our time coaching our children’s baseball games, teaching cooking classes, volunteering at a food bank, performing music, or training for a 5K together. We focus on creating person-centered solutions for our clients, and we also believe that connecting employees to their purpose and passions empowers us all to innovate, connect, and improve the lives of others.

Kids Baseball Team wearing SimplyHome Uniforms