SimplyHome’s Check-in Service and Responder App enable providers, families, and caregivers to manage client care from any mobile device. Ensure your clients receive the support they need to live independently. Optimize schedules, assign tasks to caregivers, and foster accountability through time- and location-stamped documentation.

Who can benefit?

  • Care organizations and home health providers who utilize staff in multiple locations

  • Care organizations and home health providers who serve clients with chronic health issues or other issues that need to be monitored and checked on frequently

  • Residential service providers who are seeking to streamline staffing patterns without sacrificing quality of care

  • Providers or families who need the ability to verify that staff were on location and that services were provided to an individual within a certain time frame

What results can we expect?

  • Location verification and time-stamped documentation of staff arrival

  • Documenting task completion at a location

  • Insights over time about staff tasks, client’s support needs, and staff reliability

  • Reduction of onsite staffing for “just in case” situations

What technology can help?

  • SimplyHome Check-in Service and Responder App (includes both the Responder App and the secure web portal for managing check-ins)

  • SimplyHome check-in beacons (Bluetooth technology for location verification)

What types of alerts can be sent?

  • The Responder App notifies responders when it is time to check in, as well as when there is a late or missed check-in.

  • The Responder App coordinates tasks at a particular location, notifying staff which tasks must be completed before checking out of the location.

  • Responders can forward a check-in to another responder, who will receive a notification that they are now responsible for the check-in.

One Provider’s Story

One New York City provider used the SimplyHome Responder App to keep track of staff visits to multiple client residences, making sure that both staff and supervisors had a method of documenting their visits and caregiving tasks.

By using the Responder App on their smartphones, staff members are able to document time- and location-stamped check-ins by using the Bluetooth location verification beacons. Upon checking in, staff have immediate access to assigned tasks scheduled for that location and client (such as helping with meal preparation, medication routines, or household tasks).

This provider is now able to create reports detailing staff check-ins (stamped with location, date, and time), allowing them to analyze peak hours and peak days of staff needs, whether each location is staffed sufficiently, and the time frames (initial check-in, tasks accomplished, and duration) of each staff visit. The reports from the Check-in Service portal enable the provider to streamline schedules and optimize staffing, promoting greater attention to clients and reducing stress and pressure on staff members.

Ready to explore this solution? Learn more about the Check-in Service from SimplyHome.

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