SimplyHome’s secure medication dispensers can prompt individuals to take the appropriate medications on schedule, keep medications in a locked tray when it is not time to take them, and provide alerts and notifications if medication is not accessed.

Who can benefit?

  • People who are capable of taking their medication but forget when to take it

  • Individuals living independently or in a group setting without 24/7 caregiver support

  • Young adults preparing to transition to a more independent environment who would benefit from practicing with technology

  • Senior adults who are seeking to age in place

What results can we expect?  

  • Heightened compliance with the healthcare provider’s prescription regimen

  • Ongoing insight into the individual's medication adherence skills

  • Reduction in illnesses and hospital visits associated with medication non-adherence

  • Opportunities for learning independent living skills through a natural support tool

What technology can help?

  • Automated medication dispenser with options for buzzers, flashing lights, and automated reminders (automated texts, emails, and/or phone calls)

  • Door sensor applied to a medicine cabinet (if paired with the SimplyHome System)

  • Verbal cues or smartphone texts that prompt medication times (if paired with the SimplyHome System)

What types of alerts can be sent?

Here are some sample situations in which staff, family members, and/or the individuals themselves can receive alerts:

  • When medication is accessed at any time, whether at the correct time or an unexpected time

  • When medication is not accessed by the proper time

  • When an individual needs a reminder to take medication

John's Story

John is a New York City resident who desired to live more independently. During his transition into a new setting – an apartment with roommates – staff and caregivers voiced some concerns about supporting his growing independence. John had a history of aneurysms and hypertension, and was aware of each medication he needed to take, but was unclear about when to take the medications.

Through the use of a medication dispenser and a SimplyHome System, John is now able to manage his medications and his blood pressure has stabilized. John is also able to enjoy time in his home without direct staff supervision, which was one of his goals for living independently. His direct support services were reduced from 24 hours/day to 12 hours/day, and thanks to his remote support system, he can still access help quickly if he needs it. 

John from NYC.png