Environmental Controls enable people with limited mobility, physical disabilities, or paralysis to control their home environment. This may include lighting and doors as well as electronics and heating & cooling. EC systems support residential independence through tablets that use touch, switch, or voice-activated controls.

Who can benefit?

  • People with physical disabilities who can operate a tablet with a touchscreen, switch control, or voice-activated controls

  • People who have fine motor difficulties or problems with dexterity due to joint, muscular, or other health issues

What results can we expect?  

  • Opportunities for independence and self-determination

  • People are able to live a life of their choosing, where and with whom they choose.

  • Enable individuals with limited mobility to have control over their living spaces (lights, thermostat, electronics, doors, etc.)

  • Enable connection and communication with other people without continuous caregiver presence or intervention

What technology can help?

Environmental Controls (EC) are created by pairing a tablet with other technology that allows the client to access home features such as lights, television, thermostat, and door openers.

Each EC system incorporates a tablet that uses touch, switch, or voice controls to manage:

  • Thermostat, heating, and cooling

  • Adjustments of beds and other furniture

  • Lights, television, and other electronics

  • Doors and other access points

A SimplyHome System can also be incorporated if alerts and notifications are desired.

What types of alerts can be set up?

This system does not generate alerts on its own, but can be paired with SimplyHome’s remote support system to provide custom alerts to caregivers or staff. For instance, if a person opens a door or pushes a panic pendant in the middle of the night, the system can send a text to staff. Devices can also be connected so that one device triggers another, such as lights turning on when a person opens a door to enter a room.

Jonathon's Story

After a car accident as a young man, Jonathon Dodd was paralyzed and had limited use of his legs and arms. As a young man, he desired to live independently, but he was concerned about how he would control his own home environment or access help if needed. With the use of a tablet programmed to “talk” to areas of his house, Jonathon was able to open his front door, watch television, adjust his heating/cooling controls, and turn lights on/off simply by tapping icons on a tablet mounted on his wheelchair.

Watch Jonathon’s Story.

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