The SimplyHome system can be customized to support individuals during cooking, baking, and meal preparation routines. This system allows individuals to focus on skill building and using technology in the kitchen and creates opportunities for independence without continuous staff presence in the home. Caregivers or staff can be alerted if concerns arise, such as the stove or other appliances being left on.

Who can benefit?

  • Individuals who cook their meals independently

  • Individuals who want to gain meal preparation skills

  • Individuals with concerns about leaving the stove on or burning something

  • Individuals who have a basic sense of safety and know to alert staff if there is a concern or emergency

What results can we expect?

  • Cooking meals safely and independently using stovetop and oven

  • Awareness of safety issues related to stove and oven usage

  • Enhanced care management and activities of daily living education

  • Reduction of unnecessary on-site staffing for individuals who can cook/bake

What technology can help?

  • A SimplyHome System, including components such as:

    • Stove sensor (for notifications to caregivers if the stove is left on too long)

    • Motion sensors in the kitchen and dining areas (if motion is detected or stove is turned on, then no motion is detected during a specified time afterward)

    • Paging pendant (to obtain caregiver or emergency assistance)

    • Smoke alarm monitor and rate-of-rise heat detectors

What types of alerts and prompts can be set up?

Here are some sample situations in which staff, family members, and/or the individuals themselves can receive alerts or custom prompts:

  • When the stove is turned on at any time, left on for too long, or turned on at certain times of day/night

  • When the stove is turned on and there is no movement in the kitchen for some time

  • When the stove is turned on and the individual leaves the home

  • When a paging pendant is pressed (alerting staff to a concern)

  • When smoke is detected in an area of the home

Pearlie's Story

Before Pearlie moved into her own apartment, her support staff did not realize just how much she loved to bake. Pearlie likes to use both the stove-top and the oven, and her support team was concerned that she might forget to turn the oven off. Her remote support system now includes a stove sensor that sends alerts if the stove is left on for more than 45 minutes. The kitchen also has a motion sensor installed, so if the stove is on and she leaves the room, she is reminded to return to the kitchen and finish cooking.

Meet Pearlie

Pearlie prepares a snack in her kitchen