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SimplyHome Empowers States, Policymakers, and Advocates to:

  • Embrace new care models and mandates

  • Transition individuals from waiting lists into the community

  • Maximize cost-effective solutions

Embracing New Care Models

SimplyHome’s custom remote support systems open up new avenues of services to people with disabilities. These services focus on an outcome-based, person-centered model of care, as mandated by the HCBS Final Rule and the 1999 Olmstead decision.

We work with legislators, organizations, and disability advocates to promote person-centered policy and laws. Our advocacy work is aimed at easing affordable access to assistive technology and services. Our ultimate goal is to empower individuals to achieve greater independence, community integration, and inclusion within the workforce.

Off the Waiting List, Into the Community

As each state works to comply with new and existing mandates, many individuals face long waiting lists before they can receive services. In North Carolina, more than 10,000 people are currently waiting to receive services through the Medicaid Innovations Waiver. Waiting lists number almost that many in South Carolina, and over 12,000 in Pennsylvania. In New Mexico, a person can spend more than a decade waiting to receive needed support after becoming eligible for services.

When smart sensor technology is available as a natural support, states have reduced their current waiting list populations without increasing the funds required to provide such support. In these circumstances, SimplyHome’s technology has proved uniquely effective in transitioning people into more community-integrated settings. (Read the Case Studies)

Maximizing Cost-Effective Solutions

HCBS 1915(c) waivers are one of many options available to allow the provision of long-term care services under Medicaid. These programs enable the state to fund both medical and non-medical care services, including technology services that assist individuals with disabilities to live more independently in the community.

As part of SimplyHome's education and consultation services, we work to help entire states increase accountability to the HCBS mandates so that services are truly linked to individual outcomes and evidence-based best practices.

As a result, SimplyHome’s custom technology systems reduce pressure on Medicaid and Medicare support dollars and stretch the effectiveness of insurance and long-term care dollars.

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