Environmental Controls

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With today's technology, limited mobility does not have to limit a person's ability to control the environment of their own home. Environmental Controls (EC) enable individuals to operate lights, doors, TVs, beds, thermostats and more, using a tablet controlled by touch, voice activation, or switch controls.

SimplyHome's Environmental Controls system is primarily wireless and integrates with tablets, sensors, and alert notifications. The EC system can also be paired with a remote monitoring system that generates alerts to caregivers if there is a change in motion or daily routine.

Examples of Environmental Controls (voice-activated or tablet-controlled):

  • Manage thermostat, heating, and cooling
  • Adjust bed and other furniture
  • Operate lights, doors, television, and other electronics

See how Environmental Controls changes everything:

Three individuals who work with the Charles Lea Center, Anthony, Nathan, and Bobby, use technology to gain more independence in their home and freedom in their schedules: Trio of Charles Lea clients enjoying freedom, new home

The video below also features Environmental Controls, narrating Anthony's journey as he navigates family expectations and his own desire for independence:

A custom-built SimplyHome Environmental Controls system was also featured on ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition:


Pricing varies depending on customization. Because each system is as unique as the individuals we serve, the system price varies depending on the concerns being addressed.


What’s in the box?

  • Items in the box depend on your specific customizations
  • A tablet can be purchased independently or through SimplyHome.


  • Wi-Fi
  • Tablet
  • Software that SimplyHome will install on your tablet
  • For some voice activation controls, SimplyHome will be on-site to install the required parts

General FAQ

What is the benefit of Environmental Controls?

  • You can control different items of your household by the command of your voice or a tablet. You can open and close doors, turn lights on and off, adjust the angle of the bed, turn the TV on and off and change channels, as well as adjust the temperature in your home
  • Helps people who lack full mobility through the use of a tablet or iPad that can be activated by touch, a switch or voice
  • Increased independence can reduce the need for paid staff, cut down on demands of the family and provide some much-needed privacy for the individual with a disability

Is private pay my only option?

No. While private pay is always an option, our technology is also covered through long-term care insurance, Medicaid (differs from state to state), and charitable programs or grants, such as the No Place Like Home program. See our Funding page for more details.

What is the installation like?

A SimplyHome Representative will be onsite to assist with the installation.

How do I get started?

Complete our Environmental Controls Intake.

Are the Environmental Control items wireless?

It depends on the product. We provide a wired and wireless solution for most of our products, but wiring is required for some products. The primary environmental control solution that requires wiring would be control of overhead lights.

How are the Environmental Control items installed in my home?

SimplyHome Environmental Controls must be installed by a SimplyHome approved technician. The type of installation depends on the type of environmental control solution provided and the type of user interface provided. The technology we utilize is unobtrusive and often requires minimal setup and maintenance once installed.

Do I have to purchase all new equipment or can you work with an existing tablet I own?

In most cases you can use a tablet that you already own. Our environmental control solutions work on Android, Apple iOS, and Windows tablet devices. However, recent versions of these devices are required and we cannot guarantee compatibility.

Can the Environmental Controls work in conjunction with my current security system?

No, your current security system cannot be paired to work with a SimplyHome Environmental Controls system.

Tapping an icon on a tablet is difficult for me. Do you have any solutions for this?

To provide solutions for difficulty using icons on tablets, we provide adaptive switches, voice control and the ability to customize user interface on a tablet to create larger buttons.