Meet Pearlie

Pearlie has lived in congregate care for most of her adult life.  With the assistance of the CLOUD Project in South Carolina and the Georgetown County Board of Disabilities and Special Needs, Pearlie gained the opportunity to have her first home.  In July, Pearlie moved in an apartment on her own and maintains her independence with supports from door and window sensors and a stove sensor. Each day after Pearlie comes home from work, she likes to iron her clothes for the next day and cook her dinner.  Her direct care staff recognized that Pearlie is capable of preparing meals with minimal support, but they wanted to ensure that stove safety did not become an issue.  Currently,  a SimplyHome sensor alerts the staff if Pearlie has left the stove on too long or if she turns on the stove during night hours.  Their goal is to use the data from the sensor to support their care management with the hope of eventually using local announcements to cue Pearlie to monitor stove safety on her own.