Technology Changes, People Stay the Same

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At SimplyHome, we are constantly updating and developing the technologies we use, but our focus remains consistent: producing personal outcomes. 

Our goal is to support the interests, priorities, and strengths of the individual, in order to promote that person’s quality of life, independence, and self-determination.

Our evolving toolkit of products and services allows us to partner with you to implement person-centered planning. Some of the current tools in our technology toolkit are pictured below.

Sample Products

The SimplyHome System

By communicating with multiple sensors to observe activities of daily living, the SimplyHome System prompts the completion of daily routines and proactively alerts caregivers if assistance is needed. More details.

Environmental Controls

Environmental Controls enable individuals with limited mobility to operate lights, TVs, doors, thermostats, and more through the use of a tablet or iPad that can be activated by touch, switch, or voice. More details.


Medication Dispenser

With SimplyHome's secure medication dispenser, individuals can access prescribed medicine independently without the concern of overmedication. Caregivers can receive alerts about missed medication times via text, email, or phone. More details.

Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

For people who desire to live independently, being able to get help quickly is key to success. With the press of a button, the PERS notifies our 24/7 Response Center that assistance is needed. More details.



SimplyHome’s Telehealth wellness tools offer daily readings of chronic health conditions including hypertension, diabetes, and congestive heart failure. Authorized caregivers receive real-time alerts if an individual’s health readings are outside their normal range. More details.

Check-In Service and Responder App

The SimplyHome Responder App with Check-In Service enables providers, families, and caregivers to streamline client supports from any mobile device. Optimize schedules, assign tasks to staff, and document visits with time- and location-stamped check-ins. More details.


Ring Video Doorbell

Answer the door from anywhere with this wireless video doorbell. Receive instant alerts when someone rings the doorbell or when motion is detected, and see and speak with visitors from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. More details.

Let's get started.

SimplyHome’s technology solutions give individuals the freedom they are capable of and the support they need. Connect with our team and find the solution that's right for you.




Education and Consultation

SimplyHome offers education and consultation services that enable providers and organizations to incorporate technology into person-centered services and sustainable business models. More details.


Virtual Care Management®

Virtual Care Management® helps customers understand, utilize and analyze the data collected by the SimplyHome System.
More details.