Responder App and Dashboard

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Empower your caregiving team

The SimplyHome Responder App enables providers, families, and caregivers to streamline client care from any mobile device. Optimize schedules and caregiving tasks, respond proactively to client concerns, and foster accountability through time- and location-stamped documentation (an EVV solution).

The Responder App is designed to benefit every level of your organization, from provider to direct support staff. Family caregivers can also utilize the App to coordinate responsibilities and multiple caregivers.

Responder App Features:

  • Manage and streamline staff in multiple locations
  • Intuitive, customizable check-in feature
  • Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)
  • Task management for caregiving teams
  • Proximity beacons that verify the location and time of caregiver visits
  • Pairs with our SimplyHome System to address specific concerns about cooking safety, medication compliance, mobility, wandering, and activities of daily life
  • System status, pending alerts, and check-ins are accessible in real-time from any mobile device
  • Sensitive information is stored securely in the cloud

Optimize Client Care

The Responder App allows you to plan, accomplish, and verify schedules and tasks to empower individuals in a variety of supported living settings. The purpose of the App is to promote the independence of the individual, eliminating unnecessary staff visits for clients seeking greater independence and community integration.

When used in conjunction with the SimplyHome System, the Responder App is customized to address your concerns, such as cooking safety, falls, medication compliance, sleep patterns, and more. The System generates alerts based on triggers (for example, when a door sensor is opened after 11 p.m.) and the Responder App enables caregivers to proactively respond, before concerns are escalated.

Cultivate Accountability with EVV

The check-in feature of the App works with Bluetooth beacons to perform EVV (Electronic Visit Verification). This feature of the App verifies staff visits, not only providing documentation of the date and time when staff visited, but also verifying a specific location. The App also enables caregivers to document the type of services provided.

The App enables providers and managers to make sure that clients are receiving the support they need within an appropriate timeframe, enabling client independence, peace of mind for the client and family, and accountability within the entire caregiving team.

Streamlining Each Day

Choose how to start each day with a snapshot of your upcoming check-ins and pending alerts. Prioritize the concerns that require your attention and respond accordingly.

The client's care team can access the web portal to see the in-depth history of each scheduled check-in, update the outcomes as needs change, and control who is notified when there is a concern. Authorized staff can track trends over time to make sure that each individual is receiving the appropriate amount of support.

Ready to learn more?

Already signed up for services? Download the SimplyHome Responder App:


  • Responder App: Free, via Google Play or iTunes
  • Beacon: $49.95/beacon (includes programming)
  • Check-in Monthly Service Fee: $14.95–$19.95/mo


For Apple products:

  • Requires iOS 10.0 or later (iPhone 5 or higher). Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

For Android:

  • Requires Android 4.1 and up

General FAQ

What type of device do I need to access the SimplyHome Responder App?

The App is compatible with Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. The Android operating system must be 4.1 or later, and the Apple device must be iOS 10 or later (iPhone 5 or later). Additionally, the device must have either a cellular or Wi-Fi connection at all times while using the App. The device must support Bluetooth 4.0 in order to validate location using beacons.

Who is the App intended for?

The app is intended to connect providers and caregiving teams with the individuals they support from anywhere in the world, empowering highly customized care for each individual.

Whether you are looking to simply document when staff is checking on an individual, or you need to respond to an alert triggered by an individual, the Responder App gives you the flexibility to do that from anywhere, in the midst of a busy work day or high-paced work environment.

Do I have to be using the SimplyHome System to use the SimplyHome Responder App?

No, you do not have to have a SimplyHome System to use the App. The App can be used on its own for the check-in / check-out / task completion feature.

How can I make changes to my settings?

Authorized users can easily update the responders, the rules, and the check-in day/times on our secure web portal. Our Customer Service team can also assist you with these changes; email us at

Who can make changes or edits as programs change, new staff arrive, new tasks are determined, etc.?

Authorized agencies and care managers can make these changes in the web portal and SimplyHome staff will be available to assist you. (You can reach our Customer Service team at

What is a beacon?

Beacons work in conjunction with the App (on your smartphone or tablet). Beacons are small, silicone wireless devices that can be placed on doors and walls. They use Bluetooth low energy transmitters to broadcast tiny radio signals over the air. These signals provide location-specific data. When a responder's smartphone (or tablet) detects the Bluetooth signals, the App is able to document that responder's time and location.

What is a beacon’s range?

The typical range of Bluetooth low-energy radio modules is anywhere from 1 meter (~3 ft.) up to 200 meters (~650 ft.).

Who receives notifications about potential concerns, and how do they get these alerts?

During the setup process, you will customize your list of responders, and select whether each person is a primary or backup responder. Both email and text alerts are available. You may list as many people as you would like on your contact list.

Can beacons be placed outdoors?

The enclosure made of soft silicone is splash proof, but not waterproof if water enters the beacon underneath the adhesive. You can install them outdoors, but please note that Bluetooth radio signals are heavily absorbed by water, so rain will reduce the beacon’s signal strength. Also consider that operating beacons in temperatures over 60°C (140°F) or below -10°C (14°F) can reduce battery life.

How long does a beacon’s battery last?

Inside each beacon is a non-rechargeable lithium battery. A beacon’s lifetime depends on its configuration. At default factory settings, beacons last anywhere from 3 to 5 years. However, this ultimately depends on how frequently the beacon is used.

What about privacy with the app?

Our engineers are security experts and the app and system is designed with the same security that you’re accustomed to using when shopping online and banking.