Virtual Care Management®

A man with a headset looks at a computer screen

Virtual Care Management® helps customers understand, utilize and analyze the data collected by the SimplyHome System.

In SimplyHome’s model for person-centered care, families and individuals work directly with a highly trained Virtual Care Management® Care Specialist who not only helps them understand the data from our systems, but also manages the skills and services needed for independent living. Our goal is to provide care managers with another layer of information that they can use to make informed decisions about their clients’ priorities and concerns.

SimplyHome works closely with independent, assisted living, and health care facilities that integrate Virtual Care Management® into their organization’s model for client care. We also offer training and ongoing education and consultation services as part of the Virtual Care Management® process.



Pricing varies from $25/month for reporting tools, up to $300/month for weekly VCM® reports

General FAQ

How can Virtual Care Management® help me?

Virtual Care Management® can help providers, care staff and families of individuals better understand the data collected from their system. For example, if the data indicates a change in nighttime activity, that could be an indicator of issues with mobility, pain or depression.

How can I get started?

Contact SimplyHome Customer Service at 877.684.8441 for your free assessment, or fill out the "Get More Information" form.

What device do I need to qualify for Virtual Care Management®?

You must have a SimplyHome System.

What is the benefit?

  • Establishes a baseline of current level of activity / ability to assist providers in planning supports for transition to community living
  • Captures trends in data that indicate changes in routine or activity to inform care management and service coordination
  • Serve as a source for monitoring staff response, engagement and time on task
  • Generates reports that illustrate how technology paired with services create effective solutions for independence
  • Becomes another tool in the toolkit for enhanced service provision and care management
  • Provides data needed by administrators to manage staffing patterns based on an individual’s level of activity, need and independence