Ring Video Doorbell

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“Like Caller ID for the front door”

The Ring Video Doorbell enables families, clients, and caregivers to create an environment that fosters both independence and safety. Answer the door from anywhere using the Ring with your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Receive instant alerts when someone presses the doorbell, or when motion is detected nearby. The Ring allows you to communicate with visitors from anywhere using your mobile device and Two-Way Talk. The optional Cloud Recording feature allows you to watch recorded footage at any time.

How It Works:

The Ring Video Doorbell connects to your home Wi-Fi network and sends real-time notifications to your smartphone or tablet when someone is at your door. The presence of visitors is detected by motion sensor or by the visitor pressing the doorbell.

Using the free Ring App, available for Apple, Android, and Windows 10 devices, you can see an HD video stream of the person at your door and speak to them using the two-way audio feature. The Ring can operate on its rechargeable battery, or it can be hooked up to the wiring of an existing doorbell.

Ring also offers Cloud Recording plans as an optional feature, enabling the user to save videos captured by the doorbell cam. The Ring can also be used without a subscription, and will provide the same real-time notifications and live video streaming of an event.

Key Features:

  • Wi-Fi connected
  • Real-time alerts when doorbell is pressed or motion is detected
  • Instantly communicate with visitors using Two-Way Talk
  • Mobile access with the free Ring App
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Easy installation process
  • 1080 HD video with night vision
  • Optional Cloud Recording
  • Optional wireless chimes provide audible alerts in the home


$199.00 - $249.00

Optional Add-on Features:

  • Cloud Recording: $30.00/yr
  • Wireless Doorbell Chime: $29.95


  • Sensor: 1280 x 720 CMOS
  • Field of View: 180°
  • Video: HD (720p) @ 30 fps
  • Encryption: Bank grade
  • Audio: Two-way talk with noise cancellation

What’s in the box?

  • Ring Video Doorbell (comparable in size to a traditional door bell): 4.98 x 2.43 x 0.87 inches, 12.65 x 6.17 x 2.21 cm.
  • Mounting Bracket with Level
  • Screwdriver Handle
  • Screwdriver Bit
  • Drill Bit
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Installation Screw & Anchors
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • Access to mobile app and web portal


  • Smartphone or tablet (iPhone, Samsung or Android)
  • Ring Video Doorbell requires a wireless Internet connection for operation. Ring Video Doorbell is compatible with wireless routers running 802.11 B, G, or N on 2.4 GHz.
  • If you already have Wi-Fi, no separate router is required. If you do not have Wi-Fi, we will include a SimplyHome router in your order.


Product cost covered for up to 1 year after purchase.

General FAQ

Do I need a SimplyHome System to use Ring Video Doorbell?

No, you only need a smartphone (or tablet or PC) and wi-fi connection. We recommend an upload speed between 5-7 mbps (megabits per second).

Do I need a doorbell to use Ring Video Doorbell?

No, Ring Video Doorbell has a built-in doorbell.

How does Ring Video Doorbell work?

Ring Video Doorbell connects to your home Wi-Fi network and sends real-time notifications to your smartphone or tablet when someone is at your door. Using the free Ring Video Doorbell App, which is available for Apple, Android, and Windows 10 devices, you can see an HD Video stream of the person at your door and speak to them using two-way audio communication. Ring Video Doorbell can alert you when someone presses the button on your doorbell or when motion is detected. Ring Video Doorbell operate on its rechargeable battery or it can be hooked up to the wiring of an existing doorbell.

What are the additional features I can choose to purchase with the Ring Video Doorbell?

We offer optional Cloud Video Recording plans to save videos captured by your Ring Video Doorbell. However, Ring Video Doorbell will operate without a subscription, providing the same real-time notifications and live streaming video of events without saving a video of the event. Our cloud video recording plans are optional and cost $30 per year. Depending on where we are shipping and other factors, Ring Video Doorbell orders may be subject to taxes, shipping fees and import duties.

We also offer wireless chimes. If someone is purchasing the Ring Video Doorbell and it will not be connected to an existing doorbell, we recommend the purchase of a chime (which would be plugged into any standard power outlet in the home where the camera is). By default, the chime will go off when the doorbell on the camera is pushed. The chime can also be configured to go off when motion is detected, if preferred. If the Ring Video Doorbell is not connected to the existing doorbell and there is no chime, then the only way to be notified on site that someone has activated it is through the video feed appearing on the Ring App on your smartphone or tablet.

How big is Ring Video Doorbell?

Ring Video Doorbell is 4.98 x 2.43 x 0.87 inches (12.65 x 6.17 x 2.21 cm).

Does Ring Video Doorbell require power wires to work?

Ring Video Doorbell can operate wirelessly using its built-in battery. You also have the option of connecting your Ring Video Doorbell to your home’s existing doorbell wiring.

How long does it take the battery to recharge?

When connected to a 2.1 amp charger, Ring Video Doorbell will fully charge in approximately 4–5 hours. When connected to a 1 amp charger, Ring Video Doorbell will fully charge in approximately 9–10 hours.

Will I be notified when the battery in my Ring Video Doorbell is low?

Yes — you'll receive email reminders when your battery runs low. The Ring Video Doorbell app also features a low-battery warning, as well as a battery level indicator that you can check at any time.

Do you have to have the app open in order to receive the notification?

As long as you’re not signed out of the app, your smartphone or tablet will receive the notification.

Does Ring Video Doorbell emit an audible alert?

Yes. Ring Video Doorbell is engineered to emit an alert outside of the home. Ring Video Doorbell may also be compatible with your current hardwired doorbell. We included terminals on the back of the mounting bracket that you may connect your pre-existing doorbell with Ring Video Doorbell, allowing Ring Video Doorbell to strike your pre-existing doorbell within the home. The next time someone presses the button on your Ring Video Doorbell, it will also sound the doorbell inside your home. How do you know where your visitor is located if you have multiple Ring Video Doorbells and/or multiple properties?

During setup you are asked to give each Ring Video Doorbell a unique name. Notifications are delivered with the name of the Doorbell that triggered them, showing you exactly where the activity is occurring.

If I am on my smartphone without any Wi-Fi connection, will I still be able to see my visitors?

You don't need a Wi-Fi connection as long as you have internet connectivity and your particular carrier doesn't block video streaming (e.g. FaceTime). If your carrier enables video streaming and you have a good 4G connection, you will be see real time HD video from your Ring Video Doorbell anywhere you have coverage.

Will all users associated with Ring Video Doorbell be notified when the button is pressed or motion is detected?

Yes. All users will be notified and will be able to interact with a visitor. Users can also set their own custom notification settings, for example you may choose to be notified about all activity, including motion, while your partner may choose to be notified only when someone presses the button on your Ring Video Doorbell.

Will my Ring Video Doorbell send me a push notification without internet connectivity?

You will receive a push notification when you are connected to 3G, 4G, LTE or Wi-Fi. If your phone is offline when activity is detected, you will see a missed call alert in your Recent Activity log within the Ring Video Doorbell app.

Does Ring Video Doorbell provide a live video feed?

Ring Video Doorbells connected to home doorbell wiring and Ring Video Doorbell Pro have the ability to use Live View, our on-demand viewing feature. Live View to Ring Video Doorbells operating on battery power and Stick Up Cams soon.

What happens when Ring Video Doorbell detects motion?

Ring Video Doorbell can detect motion up to 30 feet away from the device. When motion is detected, the user will instantly receive a mobile push notification, informing them of the activity. If the user decides to open the app, they will be able to access on-demand live footage of the activity. For users with the optional Cloud Recording feature, all motion-triggered events and doorbell button presses are automatically recorded. This footage can be viewed instantly at any time via the Ring Video Doorbell app.

Can Ring Video Doorbell capture clear video footage even at night?

Yes. Ring Video Doorbell features an array of IR LEDs to illuminate the camera's field of view when a lack of light is detected within the device.

How long can Ring Video Doorbell run off of the internal battery?

Under normal use, Ring Video Doorbells can run for 6 to 12 months between battery charges depending on usage and operating environment.