Education & Consultation

A SimplyHome education consultant meets with a client

Is Your Organization Ready for Technology?

At SimplyHome, we believe that integrating technology is about more than installing equipment. Successful technology integration involves the education needed to implement new practices and achieve outcomes so that both individuals and the organization can thrive.

SimplyHome combines evidence-based practical recommendations with customized instruction and consultation to support your organization as you navigate transitions in programming, operations, and technology integration.

Before recommending specific services, we invite organizations to complete our online Organizational Self-Assessment. This tool will guide your team through the initial conversations and evaluations that occur as you transition into the implementation of technology.

Next, a SimplyHome representative will send a summary report describing the organization’s resources and readiness for technology integration, including areas for cultivating growth. The representative and the organization then discuss which of our education and consultation services would best support successful tech integration.

Online Education with SimplyHome

Our online learning management system (LMS) does more than train organizations on basic information and skills. Our creative and interactive courses go deeper, introducing new ways of thinking. Each class includes brief learning modules, storytelling videos, and printable resources that are practical and applicable for the organization, families, community partners, and the individuals being served. Benefits of online learning include:

  • Less expensive than traditional offsite training opportunities, creating greater access to education for more people.

  • Self-directed pacing; people can take courses when they have time.

  • Staff do not have to be offsite for extended periods of time.

  • Everyone receives the same information through the same resource, creating a consistent message and supporting staff buy-in.

Additional Education Services

Webinars: In addition to our LMS courses, we provide instruction and consultation through scheduled webinars. These are offered through an online conference service and can be recorded.

On-site Education: Some organizations prefer to begin the technology integration process with an onsite visit that includes education for staff, families, and/or community partners. Typically, this visit is paired with on-site consultation as well.


SimplyHome and its affiliated company, Community Management Initiative, Inc. (CMI), specialize in corporate revitalization and service model implementation through consultation and direct management. Our team’s experience uniquely qualifies us to empower your organization’s operations, programs, and business models. Our team includes a diverse group of individuals engaging a unique, holistic approach to education and consultation. Areas of expertise include business development and management, engineering and technology, care management and service planning, as well as education and adult learning.

Enabling Technology Courses

  • Complimentary Webinar: Introduction to SimplyHome
  • Fundamentals Course:
    • Introduction to Enabling Technology
    • Best Practices in Community Supported Living
    • Becoming a Technology First Organization
    • You. Me. Technology. Roles & Responsibilities (Direct Support Professionals, Management, and Community Partners)
  • Supplement Course: Organization
    • Technology Integration: Communicating the Commitment
    • Technology Integration: The Culture of Change
    • Technology Integration: Operations and Sustainability
  • Supplement Course: Circle of Support
    • Partnering with Technology First Organizations
    • Navigating Waivers, Medicaid, and Enabling Technology
    • Communicating with Individuals & Families about Tech
  • Stand-alone Course: Family/Guardian
    • Introduction to Enabling Technology
    • You. Me. Technology. - Families
    • Technology and the Service Planning Meeting
  • Stand-alone Course: Self-Advocate
    • Introduction to Enabling Technology
    • My Role and Responsibilities
    • Technology and My Service Planning Meeting

Education Pricing

Purchase: When you purchase one of our online education offerings, SimplyHome hosts the courses on our Learning Management System (LMS). (Active user = someone who has registered or is in the process of taking a course.)

  • Fundamentals: $500 set-up fee; $15 monthly fee per active user
  • Fundamentals + 1 Supplement: $750 set-up fee; $25 monthly fee per active user
  • Fundamentals + 2 Supplements: $1000 set-up fee; $35 monthly fee per active user
  • Stand-alone Course for Families: $250 set up fee; $10 monthly fee per active user
  • Stand-alone Course for Self-Advocates: $250 set up fee; $10 monthly fee per active user

License: When you license one of our online education offerings, the organization hosts the courses on their own LMS and has the option of renewing the license for each module on an annual basis.

  • Fundamentals: $5000 for Year 1; $2500 for Years 2+
  • To add 1 Supplement to Fundamentals: $1500 for Year 1; $750/yr. for Years 2+
  • To add 2 Supplements to Fundamentals: $3000 for Year 1; $1500/yr. for Years 2+
  • Stand-alone Course for Families: $1500 for Year 1; $750 for Years 2+
  • Stand-alone Course for Self-Advocates: $1500 for Year 1; $750 for Years 2+

Consultation (or Onsite Education) Pricing

  • Hourly rate for webinar or conference call: $125 per hour
  • Onsite education and/or consultation: Begins at $750 and includes travel; customized quote available upon request