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About Our Technology

Introduce yourself and your “why” for technology:

Enabling technology gives individuals the freedom they are capable of and the support they need. Using technology in daily life enables self-determination, enhanced opportunities for skill learning, and greater independence.

We partner with the enabling technology specialists at SimplyHome to provide customized technology and education services. The end goal is to empower people to be more independent and connected in their homes and communities.

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How It Works

A section to help people understand how the process works for individuals and providers.

For the individual:

Our technology solutions begin with a free, collaborative, person-centered assessment process. Working with the client’s family, caregivers, other providers, as well as the client, we focus on learning about the individual’s priorities and goals. What kind of life does the client want to have? What kind of support does this person need to have success in the community?

Next, SimplyHome designs a custom system that supports the client in navigating their concerns and goals. SimplyHome is also able to equip the caregivers, families, and providers with custom education offerings to set the team up for success. Then it’s time to set it in motion. SimplyHome coordinates the system installation and provides ongoing tech support if necessary. The client begins to live more independently. We have seen clients transition out of group homes, become able to manage their own medication, be empowered to gain competitive employment, learn new life skills using technology, and reach many other goals.

For providers:

We work with providers to make sure that technology solutions are integrated in your service model in a sustainable, cost-effective way. Organizations thrive when they have the right assessment and training tools, and put effective supports in place before installing technology. SimplyHome also offers an online learning management system (LMS) to equip and empower everyone who is involved with technology implementation: your staff, families, community partners, and the individuals who are receiving services.

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The Outcomes

The stories are the most important thing to include on a tech page. They demonstrate what enabling technology can do.

As a result of this process, we’ve seen individuals thrive in the community by using technology as a natural support. Here are some of the stories that inspire us (from the SimplyHome blog and YouTube channel):

  • David graduated from a two-year program and wanted to live on his own. His mom wasn’t so sure about the whole idea. Watch David live out his vision.

  • Laura and Vicki wanted to live on their own, but needed some time to learn new skills. Watch their story of transitioning to independence.

  • Anissa has a condition that creates concerns about wandering or elopement. With enabling technology, her family has more peace of mind, and Anissa can experience more safety at home. Read Anissa’s story.

  • Carl had a longtime dream of living on his own. He just needed one person to believe in it. One month in, he couldn’t be happier. Watch Part I and Part II of Carl’s story.

Read more testimonials here.

The Technology

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Here are a few of the SimplyHome products and services that are available:

The  Simply Home System

The SimplyHome System

The SimplyHome System

By communicating with multiple sensors to observe activities of daily living, the SimplyHome System prompts the completion of daily routines and proactively alerts caregivers if assistance is needed.

SimplyHome Medication Dispenser

SimplyHome Medication Dispenser

SimplyHome Medication Dispenser

Individuals can access prescribed medicine independently without the concern of over-medicating or missing doses.

The  Simply Home Responder App

The SimplyHome Responder App

The SimplyHome Responder App

The Responder App enables providers, families, and caregivers to coordinate client support from any mobile device. Optimize schedules, assign tasks to caregivers, and document visits with time- and location-stamped check-ins.

Education & Consultation Services

Education & Consultation Services


SimplyHome Education & Consultation Services

Education and consultation services that enable providers and organizations to incorporate technology into person-centered services and sustainable business models.

SimplyHome’s LMS (Learning Management System) is equipped to educate all participants in a technology transformation: provider administrators, DSP’s, case managers, the individual accepting services, and their family.


Living independently with the support of technology

Living independently with the support of technology


Technology: Is it cost-effective?

Depending on your audience, you may want to include this section.

Finding Independence and Saving for the Future in North Carolina

How one young man with Down syndrome chooses to live independently — and saves the State of North Carolina almost $80,000 per year.

Innovative SC Provider Increases Independence, Decreases Waiting List

By incorporating SimplyHome technology into a range of residential settings, the Charles Lea Center has been able to start seven new programs and support more people without any additional state funding.

Read the case studies.

Concerns Addressed

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Technology solutions can be adapted over time to alleviate concerns about cooking safety, medication adherence, memory or dementia-related problems, chronic health conditions, and the risk of wandering or falls. Caregivers are notified only when they are needed, promoting the highest level of independence possible for the individual.


How to Get Started

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