Transition Home: Laura and Vicki’s Story

Meet Laura and Vicki: Two best friends searching for independence.

In 2014, the Charles Lea Center in Spartanburg, S.C., began a transition program that helps individuals make the move into their own homes and live independently. Both women expressed interest in having their own apartment and performing their own daily living skills.

What is a Transition Home?

Integrating technology and support services to people with disabilities to practice daily living skills necessary to live successfully in the community.

With the help of SimplyHome technology, Laura and Vicki were able to move from the transition home to their permanent residence within months, as opposed to possibly years without assistive care technology.

“They’re getting their independence they want, but I’m also knowing on my end that they’re safe,” said Shanena Robinson, the Charles Lea Center Area Leader.

So, what is some of the SimplyHome technology Laura and Vicki are employing in their home to help them live self-sufficiently?

  • A front door sensor allows Charles Lea staff to know if someone is at the door.
  • A medication dispenser alarms up to four times a day to remind both women of when to take their medicine.
  • The panic pendant enables Laura and Vicki to reach staff in the case of an emergency.

Beyond daily housekeeping, Laura and Vicki living on their own with SimplyHome customized systems has allowed them to build a bond with one another as a form of support.

“We focused on the training that they needed to live more independently and then we kept going, ” said Ms. Robinson.

By using SimplyHome designs, staff were able to foster more free time for these best friends to not only decorate together and eat meals together, but for them to make friends in their community through their neighborhood.  Rather than just being independent together, Laura and Vicki have built an independent collective.

This video demonstrates just how much Laura and Vicki have adapted and grown in their new home!