David's Vision

We hit the road to see how people have been empowered using our technology. For our first stop, meet David!

David is an accomplished young man who doesn't take no for an answer. David was born with an intellectual disability but like his mother Becky Garland says, "He is able to do everything that he puts his mind to. It's just a little bit differently."

After graduating from college, David was eager to live in his own place. With SimplyHome technology throughout David's home, David is able to live out that dream. He utilizes verbal prompting, door sensors, motion sensors, bed sensors and pendants to remain safe in his own home. His mother is able to login to a website to track sensor activity if she is notified of an issue.

David's Vision is David's dream of one day building a log cabin for himself on some family property with his red pickup truck and coon dog by his side. They want David’s Vision to help others with I/DD to attain safe, affordable independent housing. To make a donation to David's Vision, contact SimplyHome's Marketing Department at kristen@simply-home.com.