Telehealth can enable individuals with chronic conditions to gain more independence in their daily lives. SimplyHome’s suite of Telehealth wellness tools offers remote monitoring of blood pressure, oxygen saturation, blood glucose, and weight.

Each individual’s Telehealth profile is set up with custom parameters. Caregivers receive real-time notifications if the individual's health readings are outside their normal range.

Who can benefit?

  • People with chronic conditions such as congestive heart failure, diabetes, or hypertension

  • Individuals who are monitoring blood sugar, heart rate, blood pressure, weight, or oxygen saturation in blood

  • Anyone who would like an electronic record of vitals monitoring that can be accessed through a confidential and HIPAA-compliant website

What results can we expect?

  • Documented daily vital sign monitoring to proactively manage health concerns

  • Reduce unnecessary hospitalizations associated with chronic disease

  • Opportunities for learning independent living skills through a natural support tool

What technology can help?

  • A compact Telehealth base unit that connects with each health monitoring device, sending the health-related data to the secure web portal in real-time

  • Bluetooth-based monitoring tools including blood pressure cuffs, weight scales, pulse oximeters, and glucose dongles (which transmit readings from most glucometers)

What types of alerts can be sent?

  • If vital signs are not being taken as scheduled, caregivers, family members, or health providers can be alerted

  • Should the vitals fall outside the customized parameters, the designated responders will be alerted to address the issue (call center option also available)

Telehealth Tools Lead to Better Care, Reduced Anxiety

For one of our clients who is aging in place, Telehealth tools enabled his care providers to not only monitor his health, but also led them to realize that he was healthier than they previously thought.

Due to his ongoing stress and confusion, the client gave incorrect information about his pulse oximetry readings. To address potentially dangerous levels of oxygen saturation, the man's care agency set him up with a pulse oximeter.

However, thanks to daily Telehealth readings, the man's doctor soon realized that the man's oxygen saturation levels were actually normal and that the client had simply given inaccurate information. The man was able to discontinue use of the pulse oximeter within six months and was able to live more independently, without around-the-clock staffing and monitoring of his health conditions.

Senior adult man holding a tablet.png