People with I/DD

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Through technology, people facing challenges related to intellectual or developmental disabilities can have more choice and control over their lives than ever before. SimplyHome technology has helped hundreds of individuals transition from various levels of institutional care to supported or independent home settings.

Our remote support technology addresses concerns such as cooking safety, monitoring chronic health conditions, medication compliance, and obtaining caregiver assistance. Our systems can also address concerns about limited mobility by using voice-activated or touch controls. Custom verbal prompts, such as gentle reminders to leave for work on time or to take medication, can empower individuals to grow in their ability to manage daily life. SimplyHome systems are programmed with a customized list of responders and can adapt as an individual’s needs change over time.

By using SimplyHome remote support systems, individuals with disabilities have experienced:

  • Increased independence and control over their lives

  • Easier transitions into non-institutional settings

  • Opportunities to gain independent living skills

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