SimplyHome technology is designed to empower independence and can assist veterans with disabilities who are readjusting to daily life or desire more control of their home environment.

Our systems are customized to each person’s goals and can address concerns about limited mobility, activities of daily living, and medication/health management. For example, environmental control systems enable people to remotely operate their home’s temperature controls, doors, lights, TVs, and other electronics.

With the support of enabling technology, veterans can expect:

  • Increased independence

  • More control over their home environment

  • Technology that adapts with changing needs

  • Voice, switch, or touch-activated controls

  • Customizable response options and real-time alerts

SimplyHome’s Commitment to Veterans:

In 2016, the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) awarded SimplyHome a $200,000 SAHAT grant (Specially Adapted Housing Assistive Technology) to develop a new platform simplifying the user experience of voice commands to control assistive technology in the home environment of veterans and service members. Read more about the SAHAT grant.

Are you a veteran looking for funding options for assistive technology? Learn more about SimplyHome's partner program for veterans.

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