Caring for a Loved One

SimplyHome is committed to helping caregivers find realistic, person-centered solutions for supporting their loved ones. Families and caregivers are often torn between two concerns: safety and independence. Our technology addresses safety concerns by alerting caregivers if problems do occur, while maintaining independence for the individual.

It can be challenging for an individual to transition to a new living situation, whether that means greater independence or increased support. Our remote support technology can ease these transitions, creating greater peace of mind for caregivers as their loved ones adapt to new settings. When utilizing our remote support systems, caregivers can expect:

  • Real-time alerts when there is a potential concern (such as a fall or missed medication)

  • Custom responder options that help distribute caregiving responsibilities

  • More peace of mind, knowing loved ones are safe and connected

  • Increased independence for both you and your loved one

  • Ability to monitor safety and wellness concerns remotely

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Our technology solutions give individuals the freedom they want and the support they need. Talk to one of our specialists today to find the right solution for you.