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Intro to Enabling Technology: A Webinar for Alaska and Other States

A great introduction for anyone wanting to learn more about enabling technology. Takeaways from this insightful discussion include: real-life testimonials and success stories; shifting your focus onto outcomes, rather than gadgets; important industry terms like “dignity of risk” and “enabling technology”; insight into how technology and staff supports work together; how the SimplyHome process works.

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Carl's Story and SimplyHome Technology Featured on Tennessee's WJHL

Carl's story, which we have featured on our blog in a two-part blog post (Read Part I here and Part II here), was recently featured on News Channel 11 (WJHL) in Tennessee. Carl is a client with Core Services of Northeast Tennessee and the new Enabling Technology pilot program with TN DIDD uses SimplyHome technology. Carl is the first to use SimplyHome technology to live on his own with the pilot program.

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Carl's Story: One Month Later

One month in, Carl is loving life on his own. His transition to his own home has worked out so well that Core Services now has a long list of people they support who could benefit from enabling technology. SimplyHome is honored to partner with Core Services and we look forward to partnering in more amazing outcomes for the people they support.

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What's Your Why?

Recently SimplyHome’s Allen and Drue Ray attended the 2018 Ohio Tech Summit, a one-day event focused on technology that enables independence for people with disabilities.

Allen led a session where he spoke about SimplyHome’s enabling technology products and services, but as usual, he reminded the audience not to focus on the newest technology for its own sake, on “Final Rules” or on EVV, but to focus instead on their why.

Allen asked each audience member to write down their own why for wanting to use technology to support people with disabilities. SimplyHome was so inspired by the audience’s responses that we wanted to share some of these! Thanks to these awesome audience members for sharing their why.

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Carl's Story: A Portrait of Independence with Enabling Technology

The Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (TN DIDD) recently released a video that is a moving portrait of how enabling technology helped Carl (who receives services via one of our partners, Core Services of Northeast Tennessee) finally achieve his dream of living on his own.

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Sandra's Story - In Recognition of Mental Health Month

With changes in Medicaid funding as a result of the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) final rule, states are developing waivers to support the transition of people with mental health issues into more independent community living.  With these waivers, individuals can access enabling technology that supports health and wellbeing without the need for 24/7 staffing in the home environment.

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Meet Steve: NY Resident, Movie Buff, and Self-Advocate

Every once in a while, we come across a story and we just can’t stop smiling. Steve’s story is one of those. SimplyHome is honored to be a part of Steve’s quest for more independence in his community.

Steve accepts services from Wildwood Programs in NY. One day, as part of an in-depth self-assessment administered by Wildwood, Steve spoke up and told his care team that he wanted to live on his own.

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