Where Are They Now? Laura and Vicki Visit SimplyHome

Laura and Vicki pose with staff from Charles Lea and  Simply Home.

Laura and Vicki pose with staff from Charles Lea and SimplyHome.


“I love her. She’s my best friend! I help take care of her.”

- Vicki


This week the SimplyHome staff got to visit with two individuals we first met back in 2015! Laura and Vicki, who are best friends and roommates, were part of the transition home program at the Charles Lea Center in South Carolina. After they lived in the transition home and gained additional skills for independent living, they moved into an apartment of their own, where they are supported by SimplyHome technology. We first featured them on our blog in 2016 (watch their story or read the blog post here). For today’s visit, Laura and Vicki came accompanied by three of the Charles Lea Center’s stellar staff – Fakeerah Thomas, Lisa Riser, and Keffany Banks.

Laura and Vicki back in 2015.

Laura and Vicki back in 2015.

Most of the newer SimplyHome staff had never met Laura and Vicki, so our goal was to reconnect with them and their story. We were hoping to get to know what Laura and Vicki’s everyday lives are like, and we weren’t disappointed. Both women shared aspects of their lives – from the staff who work with them each day to the food they cook and the chores they sometimes need reminders about. They shared their personalities and perspectives: Vicki is more talkative and affectionate, while Laura’s humor is dry and a bit sassy. They both enjoy humor and making sarcastic faces at each other. And they both take their coffee with plenty of sugar!

Laura and Vicki have kept their enthusiasm over their apartment and getting to be roommates with each other. They still take care of their home together and take turns cooking meals. Laura enjoys making steak, while Vicki likes to make chicken and rice. (The support staff also mentioned that they cook a lot of mac and cheese.) During the week, they both work at the Charles Lea Center’s WorkAbility program. On the weekends, each woman visits with other friends or relatives.

The two women are preparing for their next move. Their current apartment has more space than they need, so they will downsize to a smaller and more affordable unit in the next few months. Laura and Vicki will still be roommates, stay in the same area, and be supported by the same staff. Both seem enthusiastic about the transition, frequently mentioning their move to a new apartment. From talking with them, it’s obvious these two friends love and watch out for each other.

The staff at SimplyHome were excited to have a visit from Laura, Vicki, and the CLC staff. We had a great time talking and connecting!

Gabrielle gives Laura a tour of the demo space.

Gabrielle gives Laura a tour of the demo space.

Vicki poses with  Simply Home staffers Jessica and Hannah

Vicki poses with SimplyHome staffers Jessica and Hannah

Laura opens a thank-you gift from  Simply Home.

Laura opens a thank-you gift from SimplyHome.

Vicki and Laura talk to the group over breakfast.

Vicki and Laura talk to the group over breakfast.


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