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Adapting Enabling Technology Over Time

Recently we received a phone call from a parent who was anticipating her son’s move to a new apartment. All of the sensors in his SimplyHome System would need to be transported and reinstalled, and some of his daily routines had changed, including what time he needs to go outside to wait for the transit bus. 

For the SimplyHome team, this is a chance to re-engage in a person-centered conversation with and about the individual: What are their current goals? What are their priorities for their life right now? What are their concerns? Are there other concerns that technology can help address? 

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Meet Brian, TBI Survivor and Bringer of Joy

When you meet Brian for the first time – and he has probably never met a stranger he couldn’t befriend – the first thing that strikes you is how much joy is radiating off a single human being. Clad in a bright American flag t-shirt, blue jeans, sneakers, and giving a very enthusiastic salute combined with a thumb’s up, Brian’s grin and laughter seem to leap off his face and onto the faces of everyone around him. 

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Transition to Adulthood (Part 3) Enabling Technology to Support Independence

Of all the milestones in a young adult’s life, moving out may be the most exciting one. Whether moving out means living with a roommate or by themselves, most young adults are anxious to have a place of their own. Parents of young adults with I/DD often have big questions about this milestone: Will their adult children be safe? Will they take their medications? Will they need a roommate? Will they be able to handle independence? This is where enabling technology (ET) comes in to address these understandable concerns.

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Transition to Adulthood (Part 2): Jobs for People with I/DD

College programs for young adults with I/DD measure their success by whether their graduates find good jobs. But what if students don’t attend a program like this – or even if they do – what then? Today on our blog we want to celebrate three creative paths people with I/DD take to competitive employment.

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Transition to Adulthood (Part 1): College for Students with I/DD

For many young adults, the transition to adulthood is filled with anticipation. Dreams of college, full-time employment, and living away from home can be both exciting and intimidating for any teenager. Youth with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD) have additional considerations that impact this transition. Thankfully, the availability of college education for students with I/DD is on the rise.

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David's Vision Continues to Unfold and Inspire

Recently we got to take a field trip to see David Maennle and his mother Becky give a talk to a room full of educators at Western Carolina (Biltmore Park Campus). They talked about David's plan for his life and the SimplyHome technology that has enabled David to become more independent. They also shared big news: they have a plan to build the log cabin David envisions!

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Where Is He Now? Dakota Bowls Over Obstacles to Independence

Independence and growth are very important to Dakota. That’s why, after a recent reassessment of Dakota’s goals and concerns, the SimplyHome team is onsite to install new technology at his mountainside home in Western North Carolina. Dakota first started using SimplyHome technology in his home back in 2015.

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Top 5 Websites that Highlight Apps for People with I/DD

In celebration of March as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, today on our blog we want to share some of the best resources we’ve found as we seek to empower our clients with technology. Here, in no particular order, are SimplyHome’s top 5 websites that highlight awesome apps for people with developmental or intellectual disabilities.

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What Is a Medicaid Waiver, Anyway?

Puzzled by Medicaid waivers? We totally get it. Every day at SimplyHome we work with clients who are navigating the complex world of Medicaid and reimbursement for services. It can get complicated!

Today on our blog, we are featuring a new infographic that gives a basic introduction to Medicaid waivers. There are some great links, too!

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