Carl's Story: A Portrait of Independence with Enabling Technology

Note: This is Part I of Carl's Story. Part II can be found here.

The Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (TN DIDD) recently released a moving portrait of how enabling technology helped a client named Carl finally achieve his dream of living on his own. (SimplyHome is proud to work with Carl through one of our partners, Core Services of Northeast Tennessee.)

To live on his own, in a trailer, in a trailer park. That was Carl's dream. And this spring, he finally achieved it.

This story expresses so much of what we do here at SimplyHome: Empowered by Technology. Yes, we work to customize technology every day. But really, we work for Carl. It is such a joy to watch people transform their own lives.

We are savoring this quote from the video: Susan Arwood, Executive Director of Core Services, says: "People don't want a lifetime of good services. People want a good life."

SimplyHome is proud to partner with TN DIDD and Core Services of Northeast Tennessee on making this story possible. We look forward to continuing to make stories like this possible through enabling technology!