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2019 CQL Sneak Preview

This year at the 2019 CQL Conference in Baltimore, which happens to be the 50th anniversary of the Council on Quality and Leadership, SimplyHome will present at a featured breakout session: “Partnerships for Lasting Independence with Enabling Technology.” This will be a special presentation: SimplyHome’s President, Jason Ray, will be co-presenting with Nick Filarelli and Susan Arwood of Core Services of Northeast Tennessee.

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Taking Ownership of “Technology First” with Organization-Wide Education

As “Technology First” takes center stage in the I/DD world, organizations and states are asking what it takes to attain this status. From SimplyHome’s front-row seat to this discussion, one thing is clear: When organizations commit to long-term, sustainable development of their staff, equipping them to evolve with the changing times, and embracing employees as the most important component of technology integration, everyone wins. With education, we all move forward together.

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Adapting Enabling Technology Over Time

Recently we received a phone call from a parent who was anticipating her son’s move to a new apartment. All of the sensors in his SimplyHome System would need to be transported and reinstalled, and some of his daily routines had changed, including what time he needs to go outside to wait for the transit bus. 

For the SimplyHome team, this is a chance to re-engage in a person-centered conversation with and about the individual: What are their current goals? What are their priorities for their life right now? What are their concerns? Are there other concerns that technology can help address? 

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Transition to Adulthood (Part 3) Enabling Technology to Support Independence

Of all the milestones in a young adult’s life, moving out may be the most exciting one. Whether moving out means living with a roommate or by themselves, most young adults are anxious to have a place of their own. Parents of young adults with I/DD often have big questions about this milestone: Will their adult children be safe? Will they take their medications? Will they need a roommate? Will they be able to handle independence? This is where enabling technology (ET) comes in to address these understandable concerns.

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Transition to Adulthood (Part 2): Jobs for People with I/DD

College programs for young adults with I/DD measure their success by whether their graduates find good jobs. But what if students don’t attend a program like this – or even if they do – what then? Today on our blog we want to celebrate three creative paths people with I/DD take to competitive employment.

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Transition to Adulthood (Part 1): College for Students with I/DD

For many young adults, the transition to adulthood is filled with anticipation. Dreams of college, full-time employment, and living away from home can be both exciting and intimidating for any teenager. Youth with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD) have additional considerations that impact this transition. Thankfully, the availability of college education for students with I/DD is on the rise.

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Smart Home Technology: Independence Off the Shelf?

At SimplyHome, we love smart home technology. It’s exciting to watch new developments in smart tech unfold – from smart light bulbs to smart vacuums and smart ovens! With so many smart home options available, we’re not surprised by the question that we sometimes get: Can’t I just buy something off the shelf?

This is a great question. When is it the right thing to simply buy Grandma an Amazon Echo? Do you have to be tech-savvy to set up and use smart home devices? When do you need the level of customization that SimplyHome offers in its systems?

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