Carl's Story: One Month Later

Note: This is Part II of Carl's Story. Click here to read Part I.

Today we want to share an update from Carl's journey. Carl is the first person to work with Core Services of Northeast Tennessee to use enabling technology to live on his own. If you missed the first video from TN DIDD, we encourage you to go back and watch it! It is a very moving story.

One month in, Carl is loving life on his own. His transition to his own home has worked out so well that Core Services now has a long list of people they support who could benefit from enabling technology. SimplyHome is honored to partner with Core Services and we look forward to partnering in more amazing outcomes for the people they support.

And we love this quote from the new video:

"No matter how much credit you are giving somebody, they are more capable than you think they are."

If you missed the first blog post where we featured Carl's story, you can read it here:

Carl's Story: A Portrait of Independence with Enabling Technology