Special Needs Parenting Podcast Features SimplyHome

Recently SimplyHome’s Jason Ray was the featured guest on a new episode of LOMAH, a podcast started by Tom and Kim Albrecht, who are raising two kids, one of whom has an intellectual/developmental disability. Kim’s mother Shelley, who has Alzheimer’s, also lives with the family.

In this particular episode, Kim invited SimplyHome’s Jason Ray to focus on these questions:

How is the adult special needs community going to receive adequate supports, maximum independence, and safety with the limited budgets available in most states? Could technology be the answer?

After bringing up this question, Kim and Jason discuss how homes customized with technological adaptations are providing dignity and independence for those with disabilities while saving service providers and families thousands of dollars. You can listen to the full episode here.

Above all, the Albrechts welcome other parents to come learn alongside them: on the LOMAH website, Kim calls herself “a mom planning the future for her teenager with differing abilities and inviting you to fumble through it with her. “

The Albrecht family: Tom and Kim, their two daughters, and Kim’s mom Shelley.

The Albrecht family: Tom and Kim, their two daughters, and Kim’s mom Shelley.

Here’s how Tom and Kim describe their reasons for starting LOMAH:

“Like many parents, we have begun looking ahead to the future for our I/DD daughter and have many questions that do not seem to have answers:

  • Where will she live?

  • Who will care for her?

  • How can she be kept safe?

  • Will her life have a purpose and meaningful relationships?

  • Where will she find her joy?

We do not claim to know the answers of these questions for our child nor yours but do promise to share what we are discovering along the way. Our learning style is to seek out others who are ahead of us on the journey and link into their experience and wisdom.”

You can read more about their journey as parents, and find out why they chose the name “LOMAH” here.

Listen to the full episode of the LOMAH podcast here.