Intro to Enabling Technology: A Webinar for Alaska and Other States

With interest in enabling technology increasing in the state of Alaska, recently we hosted a webinar for Alaskans who want to learn more about SimplyHome. Chief Development Officer Jason Ray co-hosted the webinar with Sabrina Cardinal, Ron Little, and Henry Wyatt, of FeelSafe Technology Consulting. FeelSafe is based in Juneau and is partnering with SimplyHome to provide assessments, installations, and technology supports in Alaska.

This webinar is a great introduction for anyone wanting to learn more about enabling technology (we suggest that you begin listening at 3:57, after the introductory remarks). Here are some great takeaways from this insightful discussion:

  • Real-life testimonials and success stories

  • Shifting your focus onto outcomes, rather than gadgets

  • Important industry terms like “dignity of risk” and “enabling technology”

  • Insight into how technology and staff supports work together

  • How the SimplyHome process works

Watch Full Webinar Here

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