What Is a Medicaid Waiver, Anyway?

Puzzled by Medicaid waivers? We totally get it. Every day at SimplyHome we work with clients who are navigating the complex world of Medicaid and reimbursement for services. It can get complicated!

Today on our blog, we are featuring a new infographic that gives a basic introduction to Medicaid waivers. There are some great links, too!

Test your Medicaid knowledge! Did you know that…

  • Only SOME states say in their waiver that coverage includes a full range of assistive technology? This type of enabling technology promotes living in the community as an option for people with disabilities. Curious about whether your state has funding for AT? Read more here.

  • Prior to 1991, Medicaid paid for services only if a person lived in an institution? The whole point of Medicaid’s Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waivers is that states can now provide services to people while they are at home or in a community setting instead.

  • Funding for Medicaid comes from both the states and the federal government? The states have responsibility for administering the funding, but the funds come from both sources.

Click on the graphic to get the full PDF version:


Ready to learn more? Read about funding options for Assistive Technology here:


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