A Portrait of Independence with the SimplyHome Responder App

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For Eric and his care team, technology is key to independence. When the 36-year-old moved out of a group home into an apartment of his own for the first time, Eric’s family was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to manage life on his own.

That’s where Sara – and new technology from SimplyHome ­– comes in. As part of Eric’s care team, Sara is a DSP who checks on Eric several times a week. When Sara arrives, she checks in with the SimplyHome Responder App, completes the scheduled check-in and any assigned tasks, and generally makes sure that things are going smoothly. On the docket today? Making sure Eric has taken his shower, packed his lunch, and folded the laundry from yesterday.

The Responder App has made the weekly check-ins much more streamlined for Sara and the rest of Eric’s circle of support. “Before this, I was using a paper staff log and texting reminders to make sure the direct support staff was onsite and taking care of things,” says Kate, Eric’s care coordinator. “It’s a lot easier to be able to schedule check-ins on the website and to know that is going to be communicated to the staff – especially the tasks. It was also a lot easier to include the people who are already in Eric’s circle of support, like his family members. They can be responders and use the app to do check-ins, too.”

For Eric’s family, the peace of mind that someone really was on site was vital. “The location beacons allow us to make sure that staff are on site checking in when Eric needs the support, and that has really helped the family move forward as Eric becomes more independent,” Kate adds. “In the end, the app helps us all stay organized with supporting Eric, and that’s what matters most.”

Envision more independence with the new Responder App and Check-in Service from SimplyHome.

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