3 Ways to Be More Productive with SimplyHome's Check-in App


1 - Skip the pen and paper

It’s the 21st century! Time to upgrade that pen and paper log. Paper records are easy to forget or even lose in the shuffle of supporting multiple clients at multiple locations. Verification with landline phone calls is cumbersome, to say the least. The SimplyHome Check-in Service and Responder App make being a DSP or care manager so much easier:  

  • Never forget a check-in again – Get an alert on your phone when a check-in is due or coming up.
  • Document your location with the touch of a button, using location-verification Bluetooth beacons.
  • Crazy day? Change of schedule? Skip the check-in and leave a comment explaining what happened.

2 - See who needs support at a glance

The new app allows you to quickly see all of your clients’ check-ins and tasks for that day.  Make the most of each day by using the red, green, and yellow icons to prioritize each client and their needs for support. Use the check-in history inside the app to help you anticipate the changing needs of clients who are growing in their independence and may not need as much as support.


3 - Focus on what matters most, even as it changes

The Tasks feature allows you to see what tasks need to be done to support each client in their current residential setting. Whether that means assisting clients with household chores or coaching them on new skills, the web portal makes it easy for care managers to update tasks and reallocate staffing resources as clients grow into greater independence.