What's Your Why?

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Recently SimplyHome’s Allen and Drue Ray attended the 2018 Ohio Tech Summit, a one-day event focused on technology that enables independence for people with disabilities.

Allen led a session where he spoke about SimplyHome’s enabling technology products and services, but as usual, he reminded the audience not to focus on the newest technology for its own sake, on “Final Rules” or on EVV, but to focus instead on their why:

"Everyone knows what they do. We know how we do it.

But few people know why they do it."

- Simon Sinek

Allen asked each audience member to write down their own why for wanting to use technology to support people with disabilities. SimplyHome was so inspired by the audience’s responses that we wanted to share some of these! Thanks to these awesome audience members for sharing their why.


What's Your Why?

“To improve the lives of the individuals I work with"

“To help people connect to others and create the lives they desire”

“Why can’t my daughter live on her own?”

“To help him be as independent as possible”

“To promote independent living for my daughter who has a cognitive disability”

“To help individuals use tech to live better, independent, fulfilling lives”

“To give choices”

“Need to build a safer home for my sister with ID and memory impairment”

“My son is on the spectrum. I want him to be the most successful and independent he can be.”

“The opportunity to make choices, make mistakes, and learn”

“I am getting older and need to ensure my son’s safety and independence”

“To help my mom be more independent in living alone”

“For my grandson to be able to live independently or at least function more on his own when he turns 18”

“Safety and connection to the community at large”

“More freedom. I want to have a place for a garden”

“Making sure all individuals are able to be as independent as they want to be and still safe”

"We serve 600 people – moving our folks to independence needs to start with technology"

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