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We are honored to have a member of Security Partners’ dealer support, Brad Schulz, as a guest blogger today. Security Partners has proven to be a reliable Call Center for SimplyHome’s clients. Brad, like his colleagues, has consistently provided superior knowledge and assistance each and every time we work with him.  His knowledge regarding the units that are monitored is evidenced by his willingness to take any time necessary to provide a resolution to the question or problem encountered.  If for any reason he does not have an immediate answer, he is always willing to go the next step even if it is not related specifically to the Call Center. SimplyHome’s customer service representative Michelle Russell says, “We recently had a client with very particular requests for their contacts.  Specifically, times that individuals should be called and which days they should be called and in what order for each day.  What appeared to me as confusing and outside of the responsibilities of the Call Center became a reality because of Brad's perception that this was not an obstacle just an issue that needed a positive outcome.  We spent time on the phone, exchanged countless emails and not once did Brad give up! As a result of his perseverance we now have not one but several of their accounts set up in what appeared to be an unorthodox pattern and it's working great!”

From the Dealer

My name is Brad Schulz and I have been with Security Partners for just under three years. Alongside Patrick McNamara and Betsy Haugh, I am part of the dealer support team for our Lancaster, Pennsylvania location.  Betsy has been in the industry for almost 10 years and Patrick McNamara, our Dealer Support Manager, has been with Security Partners for 5 and a half years. The three of us work very closely with the SimplyHome team to register and set up devices within our system, maintaining customer records, troubleshooting devices, submitting purchase orders to vendors and ensuring that signals are handled properly by our dedicated team of operators who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With SimplyHome, we handle medical alarms and associated signals, but we also monitor fire, burglary and panic alarms for other dealers.  On a consistent basis we are handling literal life or death situations, which can at times create a little bit of a stressful environment. In spite of this, I truly believe that every moment of my day is spent contributing to a great company that is continually growing into an industry leader and does a tremendous job of providing thousands of homes and businesses with top-notch quality protection.

It’s rare for me to go an entire day without speaking to someone from SimplyHome. Most frequently, we spend time testing systems before they are shipped to confirm they are operating correctly and making sure the proper procedure is followed for all accounts. At times there will be a customer who is requesting a procedural change for signal handling a little out of the ordinary, such as a specialized call list with different numbers to call at different times.  In cases like this, a SimplyHome customer service representative and I typically work very closely together to make sure everything is as clear as possible for the operators who handle the alarms.  We usually will speak multiple times throughout the course of a couple days, monitoring the activity on the account to ensure we are adhering to the new procedures. We also send reports daily to the SimplyHome customer service team detailing the previous day’s activity. On occasion, I will also receive follow up calls with questions about previous events. I thoroughly enjoy working with everyone at SimplyHome, the general tone of the calls are always cooperative. We are all, both at Security Partners and SimplyHome; a close knit team with the common goal of ensuring the safety of the customer and providing the best service possible.

For over three years SimplyHome has selected Security Partners as their monitoring center for their Personal Emergency Response System customers.  As the monitoring center, we receive the medical alarms and calls when you push your emergency button.  It is our top priority to ensure that we are handling all emergency calls and dispatching the proper authorities to you, in your time of need, as quickly as possible.

Through working directly with many of the team members at SimplyHome, they have proven to be a team of very hardworking, cooperative and dedicated individuals. With the holiday season not far behind us I feel it is a privilege to work alongside the team to aid in providing the greatest gift of all, safety.


Behind the Scenes

When you press you emergency button, your safety and getting you help as quickly as possible is the top priority of the operators assisting you. In order to guarantee the highest level of quality, reliability and service, we have teams located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania; San Antonio, Texas; Anaheim, California; and Las Vegas, Nevada 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Each location has multiple backup generators and systems in place to maximize functionality. In the unexpected event that one of our monitoring centers would lose service, we are able to re-route service to the other three locations and by doing so, are able to guarantee that you are always protected. We excel not only in a large quantity of centers but also in providing the top quality service as well.  Not all monitoring centers are created equally. We have achieved the highest benchmarks and certification from the industry. Our UL, FM, and CSAA Five Diamond certifications are our gold seal, and recognition that Security Partners has the infrastructure, redundancy, and training to ensure the proper care of our dealers and their subscribers.



About Security Partners

We are considered a boutique Monitoring Center, meaning that we are able to heavily customize the accounts to fit the needs of the customer exactly.  This aligns perfectly with SimplyHome’s mission statement: “Our goal with the SimplyHome product line and services is to provide each individual with a system tailored to their specific needs. Thus, we recommend a personal assessment for all of our customers to determine the level of support that you need.” When you sign up with SimplyHome, the general procedure when you press your alarm button is for us to attempt to speak to you through your base station first.  If there is no answer there we would then attempt to call the home phone number and any friends and family members whose names you’ve provided to us before dispatching.  If at any point in time before this, we are informed that there is an emergency going on and help is needed immediately, we dispatch immediately and afterwards we will call your contact list to let them know what has happened.  This is only our normal procedure; we can modify this to suit your needs as an individual.  Additional forms of communication such as text messaging and e-mail notifications to you, your friends or family can also be added, in addition or in place of, phone calls to the contact list.  We are here to help you.

Not only do we support modern technology in the notification process, we are also continually searching for advanced products. Traditionally, PERS units were reliant on phone lines for transmitting the alarms to us. Through the progress of technology, this is no longer the case.  If you do not have a home phone or are thinking about canceling your land line, we have systems that communicate over cellular networks that are as reliable as the traditional units, enabling our staff to still always be there for you. In the event that you fall and are unable to press your emergency button we also have fall detection pendants that alert us anytime a fall is detected and prompt our team to take the same actions we would if you had pressed your emergency button.  With these advances and our dedicated team who are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we strive to set the benchmark for quality, reliability and service. Once again our commitment to embracing of emerging technologies in order to facilitate top level service is directly in line with SimplyHome’s mission: We are constantly working to improve and expand our system capabilities, and as technology evolves, to incorporate new cutting-edge components that provide innovative, real-world supports to our customers.


Security Partners

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