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Finding Independence and Saving for the Future in NC

David Maennle is an accomplished young man who directly benefits from assistive technology in North Carolina. David’s chosen lifestyle -- living independently in the community with the help of technology -- saves the State of North Carolina almost $80,000 per year. David was born with an intellectual disability, but as his mother Becky says, “He is able to do everything that he puts his mind to. He just does it a bit differently.”

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Who Are You?

As a company that values people, we want to do more than create outcomes with technology. We also want to provide a platform for voices to be heard so others can be inspired by the passions, visions, and courage these individuals have to share. Check out our latest video where the individuals we work with tell us WHO they are and WHAT they want.

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David's Vision

David's Vision is David's dream of one day building a log cabin for himself on some family property with his red pickup truck and coon dog by his side. The purpose of David’s Vision is to help others with I/DD to attain safe, affordable independent housing.

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