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Finding Independence and Saving for the Future in NC

David Maennle is an accomplished young man who directly benefits from assistive technology in North Carolina. David’s chosen lifestyle -- living independently in the community with the help of technology -- saves the State of North Carolina almost $80,000 per year. David was born with an intellectual disability, but as his mother Becky says, “He is able to do everything that he puts his mind to. He just does it a bit differently.”

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Success Gained Through Technology

SimplyHome technology engages local, familiar and natural supports so they can be available when they’re needed, instead of being at a site all the time just in case there is a need.

This week is NYSACRA’s 39th Annual Conference, “Listen Up,” taking place April 19th - 22nd. Our New York partner Meghan O’Sullivan will be speaking about the types of technology available and the outcomes of a grant recently administered by NYSACRA.

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Implementing Technology: How One Provider Moved Past the Residential Supports Waiting List

The Charles Lea Center (CLC) began creating programs with technology in 2010 in order to offer people with disabilities an opportunity to develop skills, promote independence and empower people to live in their own homes. Since then, SimplyHome has continued to work with CLC to help them employ and benefit from the efficacy of such technology.

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Transitioning to Technology: 2016 S.C. Human Service Providers Conference to Feature Charles Lea Center

Ben is one individual at CLC who is able to live on his own by using SimplyHome technology.  But Ben isn’t the only one benefiting from this transition, as his mother can attest.  “Last summer when I visited Ben, I got to sleep on his couch! I never thought I would be able to say that I had spent the week at my son’s place, but I DID! And over the Christmas holidays, he rode the TRAIN from Spartanburg to Philadelphia (and back) BY HIMSELF.”

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