Press Release: SimplyHome Announces the Launch of The SimplyHome System™

SimplyHome, LLC, a nationwide assistive care technology company, announces the debut of their newest product, the SimplyHome System: Empowered by Technology™. By connecting innovative caregivers and concerned families, the SimplyHome System reduces cost, increases efficiency, improves communication, and most importantly, empowers both care providers and people they serve. The system uses a combination of wireless sensors to log activities of daily living and proactively alert caregivers and loved ones of abnormal activity or changes in behavioral patterns through text, push notification or email. The official announcement is October 10th at the 2014 American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR) Technology Summit and Showcase in Broomfield, Colorado. As a part of this launch, SimplyHome will be identifying a number of providers across the country to first implement the system. "We listened to what our customers wanted and built a system specific to the needs that they have expressed to us. These improvements will be a big leap forward from our current system which was the first product on the market built with the singular purpose of serving the aging and disabled populations," said Allen Ray, CEO of SimplyHome.

With caregivers expressing a need to interact more easily with their clients, the new SimplyHome System is equipped with a new website and mobile app. The app grants caregivers and providers access to information about clients and family members from anywhere. In addition to the already offered text message and email alerts, the app allows responders to receive push notifications. Staff and responders will also have the ability to acknowledge and take action on an alert through the app. Much like the mobile app, the newly released website will feature enhanced interactivity with alerts and information from their systems.

The small, sleek design of the new SimplyHome System provides an unobtrusive and attractive solution that allows providers to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency in their care. "By creating cost effective solutions, agencies are now able to serve more clients and reduce wait periods for those needing care. Our mission has always been to support independent living and empower care providers and the people they serve through innovative technology," said Ray.

The ANCOR Technology Summit and Showcase will highlight SimplyHome technology and how providers across the nation are using it. The conference will also demonstrate technology that creates greater efficiency and effectiveness in organizations and will promote strategies to advocate for inclusion of technology in state waiver programs.

"ANCOR presents the perfect opportunity for us to launch this product since we are among supporters and users of the technology we provide," said Ray.

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