In Good Company: SimplyHome Partners to Present in Colorado

“The process for preparing an organization to incorporate technology often times requires a shift in culture that has a focus on the person-centered principles as a basis for technology development,” Jerry Bernard, Executive Director of the Charles Lea Center said.



SimplyHome is excited to be gearing up for the Coleman Institute/ANCOR Technology Summit and Showcase next week in Broomfield, Colorado. Four of our partners are also gearing up to present at the conference:

Innovative ServicesBased in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Innovative Services opened in 2004 with the mission and vision to give those with developmental disabilities the best quality of life in the community. Implementing SimplyHome’s technology more than six years ago, Innovative Services is able to serve clients by allowing staff to respond to specific events without needing to be onsite 24/7.

The Charles Lea Center: The Charles Lea Center has been utilizing technology for their consumers since 1995. Jerry Bernard, Executive Director of the Charles Lea Center, plans to focus on the process for preparing an organization to incorporate technology into service systems. He will discuss the work that needs to be done ahead of time, before laying a new foundation that incorporates technology. The Charles Lea Center’s concern has always been that some providers use technology as a quick fix. They might not see the long-term potential technology can have on an organization. Bernard intends to share his organization’s experiences to inspire new ways of thinking.

Ability Beyond: Laurie Dale from Ability Beyond, a service provider in New York, is also presenting in Colorado next week. Ability Beyond uses SimplyHome’s technology to serve more than 60 clients as well as monitor their day and night staff. A client of SimplyHome since 2012, Ability Beyond continues to use technology in innovative ways. A panel style presentation will focus on discrete wireless sensors and how providers are able to use them in more ways than to monitor clients, including overnight supervision of staff checks. The discussion will also touch on individualized environmental controls and the benefit they have for clients.

Black Hills Works: Connie Melvin, Director of Innovation and Futures Works, from Black Hills Works in Rapid City, South Dakota, is giving a presentation titled “Technology in Motion.” This facilitated discussion will give care providers an opportunity to share how they have been able to implement principles laid out in the Declaration of Rights of People with Cognitive Disabilities to Technology and Information Access. This document was signed by SimplyHome, among other companies and individuals, in order to express commitment to the equal rights of people with cognitive disabilities. Read more about SimplyHome signing the document here.

As we prepare to make the trip to Colorado, we are grateful that these partners are going to be there with us. With the release of our new SimplyHome System, it is always exciting to see how our technology is providing innovative ways to not only take care of people who are aging or that have developmental disabilities, but also how our technology is helping care providers in their own innovative ways.