Meet the Responder App: A Provider’s Story

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Before using the SimplyHome Responder App, one New York City provider kept track of staff visits to multiple client residences with pen and paper. This method often was unwieldy and unreliable for both the staff and the supervisors, sometimes resulting in miscommunication and confusion.

By using the Responder App on their smartphones, staff members are now able to document time- and location-stamped check-ins by using our location verification beacons. Upon checking in, staff have immediate access to assigned tasks scheduled for that location and client (such as helping with meal preparation, medication routines, or household tasks).

The provider is now able to create reports detailing staff check-ins (stamped with location, date, and time), allowing them to analyze peak hours and peak days of staff needs, whether each location is staffed sufficiently, and the time frames (initial check-in, tasks accomplished, and duration) of each staff visit. The reports from the Check-in Service portal enable the provider to streamline schedules and optimize staffing, promoting greater attention to clients and reducing stress and pressure on staff members.

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