HomeWatch Caregivers and SimplyHome: Partnering to provide best care

Assistive technology is available in order to enhance the home care experience, not to replace it. SimplyHome collaborates with HomeWatch Caregivers to ensure that people are receiving the best possible care. Our technology is allowing the caregiver to focus on what is important, the individual, while relying on the technology to tell them when someone has missed a dosage of medicine or if someone has fallen in the bathroom. Our technology allows agencies to cut costs for families during those "just in case" hours. HomeWatch Caregivers' passion to create an innovative, all inclusive way of caring for someone excites us!


The Technology & Home Care Connection: A Collaborative Approach to Aging in Place between SimplyHome and HomeWatch CareGivers WNC

The vision of HomeWatch CareGivers WNC is to become recognized as a community leader in integrative and innovative in-home personal care and client wellness services. We are committed to community collaboration and partnerships as the most practical and affordable way to solve the complex issues facing our rapidly growing population of seniors.

We are proud to announce our newest collaboration with a wonderfully creative company, SimplyHome, located here in Asheville. SimplyHome provides affordable and dignified options for independent living and aging in place by developing assistive technology that is adaptable as individual needs change over time. Some of their products include the SimplyHome System, which proactively alerts caregivers and loved ones of changes in activities of daily living, personal emergency response systems (PERS), medication dispensers, and a GPS Watch. SimplyHome designs, builds and utilizes enabling technologies to create customized independent living solutions while lowering costs for families and funders.

When one studies the demographics of our area, it is clear that new approaches are needed to help our seniors age in place at home. Also elders who are living at home longer often present with a more complex array of medical and mental health conditions. This presents a multitude of challenges, including offering affordable models of care.

According to a recent Time Magazine article, 'By 2032, Americans over age 65 will outnumber those under age 15, which means that elders will be short on caregivers. Nearly 90% of those over age 65 say they want to remain at home as long as possible.'

'Research firm ABI forecasts 42 million wearable fitness and health devices will be shipped in 2014, up from 32 million in 2013. Doctors and researchers see…a revolution that could change everything from how they care for recovering surgery patients to the way they administer certain medications. Tracking devices may … ultimately change the way we relate to our own health.' Time Magazine Nov 24 2014.

Professional in-home caregivers can prevent injurious falls, infections and hospitalizations and can contribute to faster recoveries from surgery and medical procedures. Additionally, a compassionate and skilled caregiver can provide companionship, personal care and community connection, which helps elders stay fit physically, emotionally and spiritually, alleviating feelings of anxiety, isolation and depression while also protecting them from potential victimization.

Where in home safety monitoring is needed and connected with a 24 hour call center, it is possible to have part time home care and full time peace of mind. In a unique service delivery approach, especially for those individuals who do not have family or loved ones nearby, HomeWatch CareGivers can be designated as the first response point person for those situations where immediate help is needed.

The founders of SimplyHome, Drue and Allen Ray and their staff have been creating supportive technology solutions for elders as well as individuals with disabilities since 1989. Their compassion, dedication, professionalism and level of expertise is evident as soon as one meets them.

Allen Ray, CEO and President, is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist. He is an advisory board member to the college of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Alabama and an advisor to several states on the use and funding of enabling technology through Medicaid waivers. Drue Ray, Vice President, was the 2014 recipient of the Asheville area Chamber of Commerce 2014 Women Entrepreneurs Best in Business Award. Drue’s commitment and vision have inspired others and contributed to legislation that has set the standard for the use of assistive technology in community integrated residential services.

"Understanding that complex problems call for innovative solutions, we recognized that by combining SimplyHome technology with HomeWatch CareGivers visits, we can provide the greatest level of care at the most affordable total cost. It became a natural fit to enter into a collaborative relationship withSimplyHome. We are proud to work with Drue and Allen Ray and their SimplyHome team to offer creative options to keep our most vulnerable citizens safe at home," stated Ernie Konkoli, President, HomeWatch CareGivers. HomeWatch CareGivers and SimplyHome are always available to conduct a free needs assessment and develop an integrated and client customized plan that will provide optimal support in the most cost effective manner.