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Intro to Enabling Technology: A Webinar for Alaska and Other States

A great introduction for anyone wanting to learn more about enabling technology. Takeaways from this insightful discussion include: real-life testimonials and success stories; shifting your focus onto outcomes, rather than gadgets; important industry terms like “dignity of risk” and “enabling technology”; insight into how technology and staff supports work together; how the SimplyHome process works.

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Top 5 Reasons Voice-First Will Change the Future of Enabling Tech

In the last five years, especially with the arrival of the Amazon Echo in 2014, it has become increasingly obvious that Voice-First technology is going to change enabling technology completely. These speech-enabled interactions, designed for delivery through voice assistant software and voice-activated devices, have already begun to revolutionize care for people who are aging in place or living with disabilities.

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3 Ways to Fund Assistive Technology in North Carolina

We hope that a lack of funding for assistive technology never hinders people with developmental disabilities from leading full and independent lives in the community. The reality, of course, is that funding for people with disabilities can be very limited, and enabling technology can become an afterthought. What you may not know: You may have a right to assistive technology. When assistive technology is necessary for a person with a disability to be able to learn, live, have independence, or have a job, certain public programs may pay for that AT. Today on the blog, we feature three of those assistive technology programs here in our home state of North Carolina.

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3 Ways to Be More Productive with SimplyHome's Check-in App

It’s the 21st century! Skip the pen and paper. With the Responder App, you’ll get an alert on your phone when a check-in is due or coming up, so you never forget a check-in again. Document your location with the touch of a button, using location-verification beacons. Crazy day? Change of schedule? Skip the check-in and leave a comment explaining what happened.

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Carl's Story and SimplyHome Technology Featured on Tennessee's WJHL

Carl's story, which we have featured on our blog in a two-part blog post (Read Part I here and Part II here), was recently featured on News Channel 11 (WJHL) in Tennessee. Carl is a client with Core Services of Northeast Tennessee and the new Enabling Technology pilot program with TN DIDD uses SimplyHome technology. Carl is the first to use SimplyHome technology to live on his own with the pilot program.

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Meet the Responder App: A Provider’s Story

Prior to using our SimplyHome Responder App, one New York City provider kept track of staff visits to client residences with pen and paper. This method often resulted in confusion and miscommunication, to say the least.

By using the SimplyHome Responder App on their smartphones, staff members are now able to document their check-ins, recording time- and check-ins to a geographical locations (client residences) by using our location verification beacons. Upon checking in, staff have immediate access to assigned tasks scheduled for that location and client (such as taking medications, preparing meals, or assisting with household tasks).

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