Utilizing Sensors to Keep Elderly Safe at Home

New Wave Health Care Interview
New Wave Health Care Interview

Jason Ray, co-founder of SimplyHome, discusses the use of sensors to keep elders safe at home with New Wave Health Care. Watch his interview here.

Questions asked during the interview:

  • Introduce yourself and share your background.
  • In one or two sentences, give us an overview of your business.
  • Paint a picture of the key problems your company is out to solve.
  • What inspired you to solve these problems?
  • What are the solutions that your company is looking to provide?
  • How big is your market size?
  • What stage is your venture in? Idea, Product Development, Post Product, Revenue?
  • What was the biggest challenge that you faced when building your business?
  • What lessons have you learned from this challenge?
  • What makes your company different from other companies currently in the market place?
  • What is your company vision for the future?
  • What is your growth strategy?
  • What metrics are you using to measure progress?
  • Explain your business model.
  • Where can our viewers find out more about you and your company?