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Early Detection Screen for Dementia

SimplyHome’s Cameron Kempson joined the National Test Group in creating a screening for people with intellectual developmental disabilities who are at risk for dementia. The Early Detection Screen for Dementia is now available as an interactive PDF form.

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Eight Smart Ideas for Aging In Place

Baby boomers have long proclaimed their desire to stay in their homes post-retirement, a practice known as aging in place. They want to stay in the communities where they have friends, know their way around and have a support network. Cities and communities have heard them and many places are preparing for the baby boomer generation. Read this Huffington Post article on eight ways to make this possible.

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Innovation Has Nothing To Do With Age

The view that innovation has nothing to do with age is supported by research of Benjamin Jones of Northwestern University. He states that a 55-year-old and even a 65-year-old have significantly more innovation potential than a 25-year-old. He based his conclusions on data on Nobel Prize winners and great inventors.

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Stay active and keep family close
Aging in Place- the dangers and solutions