SimplyHome System

[youtube=] We currently offer two levels of systems, our PERS Plus and our SimplyHome System. The PERS Plus is our entry level system that uses a phone line to activate a notification to our EMT call center should you have a need.

Our SimplyHome System builds on this to also include various sensors around the home to notify family members, caregivers, or our EMT Call Center should something happen or not happen around the home. For example, we have a stove sensor that can notify someone if the stove comes on or if it is on for a certain amount of time. So, if you have concerns about cooking safety you can have a notification go out if the stove has been on for more than 20 or 30 minutes. Also, we have a back-end website that allows you to see events as they happen, see historical information, and control things like lights or the stove that has been left on. Please visit or website at