SimplyHome Customer Tells Her Story

1. How did you hear about SimplyHome? I am a Certified Aging in Place Specialist. As such, I am always researching information about aging in place. I set up Google Alerts which sent me an article written about your company, and the rest they say, is history.

2. Who did you purchase the technology for and why?

I bought it for my 93 year old mother who needed home assistance to remain independent and safe in her home after surgery. I am a BIG believer in the elderly remaining at home if they can do so safely. And the technology your company offered provided my mother with the opportunity to remain in her home safely. As a caregiver, safety is #1 issue. SimplyHome provides that peace of mind for me and my siblings. There's not enough 2x4's and mortar to build enough assisted living centers for the tsunami of aging boomers coming. Your company offers options to assisted living that really works! Maine also has one of the largest aging demographics in the nation and also the most widely spread out in the state. You can fit all the New England states inside the state of Maine, that's how big it is. So many elderly in remote locations. Your product is absolutely perfect in helping elderly people in remote areas of Maine remain in their homes.

3. Was learning how the technology works difficult or confusing at first?

No, not at all. I'm a computer geek so it was a no brainer. Most boomers are. Most boomers are also caregivers for their parents so the technology for your product is simple and easy for them to implement for their parents. Installation is also a no brainer for someone who "gets" the technology and the reason for it.

4. What made you go with SimplyHome rather than a competitor?

Well, as you can image, I receive tons of google alerts regarding aging in place. Yours was the first article that popped up about assistive technology. I loved the sort of good, better, best choice of services and then even better than that was the a la carte menu of options. I didn't have to use everything you offered. I could pick and choose what was best for my mom. Aging is a process, and your company offered options that fit what my mother needs right now. The great thing about your company's offerings is that as she needs more assistive technology, I can add on more! I don't have to sign up for all of the bells and whistles up front. And of course the price was excellent.

5. How was our technology used to benefit you? Your loved one:

Honestly, I could tell you lots of stories on this one but I think the most impressive one is the text message alerts. Most people would probably assume that getting a text message alert is the most important, but not getting one is just as important. As an example, I received an alert that mom was taking her nightly pills earlier than usual. When I called her to find out why, she said she wasn't feeling that well, thought she was coming down with a cold and so was going to bed early. The next morning, I didn't receive any text message that she was up at her usual time. When I went over to check on her as a result of not getting an alert from SimplyHome, I found her feverish and lethargic. Turns out she had an abscess on her lung that could have been fatal had I not gone to check on her and then called 911 to admit her to hospital for emergency surgery.

6. What were some of the settings you found most helpful in your situation.

The front door alert tells me when Meals on Wheels is there or when the other caregiver is there. I got an alert from Simply Home that her front door had opened and it was not on the time schedule of MOW or the other caregiver so I raced over only to find that my brother had decided to make a surprise visit! Med reminders are awesome. Although they don't tell you if the person has consumed the medication, it does tell you if they have or have not retrieved the medication. When I don't receive a text mail at a time when Mom should have taken her pills. I call her to remind her. Works Great!

7. What did it mean to you for your loved one to be able to stay at home during this time in their life with the help of technology?

Independence for Mom, peace of mind for me and my siblings and the joy of seeing how happy she is every day when she wakes up in the familiar surroundings that she has loved for so very long!

8. Was this affordable based on the other options out there? And Why?

Hmmm, let's see. $4K to 5K a month on assisted living or $70 a month for SimplyHome? You do the math. And you know what's really interesting? I've got all these visiting nurses, PT's and OT's coming into the house to provide services to my mom. They are so impressed by the technology set up in mom's home and they tell me they wish all their clients could afford it. When I tell them how much it costs, they can't believe it. I own MJW Home Modifications for Boomers & Beyond ( and plan to add assistive technology to my company's offerings as well.

9. Would you recommend it and why?

Yes I would recommend it an have recommended it. I can't spread the word fast and far enough!